Not a Regular Thing - Thank Goodness!

i'd never had one before ... i have seen people having them, known people who had them regularly and well ... i'm glad i knew what to look for.

not so many months ago my disability insurance company changed.  the first check was mailed to me and it was a bit higher than the normal checks.  i didn't receive any other correspondence from them.  the next check comes along and again, it's slightly higher.  i called and inquired.  i was told they'd messed up the taxes but it was okay now.  i take it to the bank just like i always do.  it seemed my balance was a bit higher than normal but i expected that with the 'raise' (HA!) 

the extra money seemed to arrive just in time as i had to go to my sis-in-law's baby shower out of state that weekend.

one trip out of state, a trip to wal-mart to restock on some household items i'd not been able to purchase in several months and a brake job later i'm $2k negative in my checking account ... WAIT A MINUTE PEOPLE!  when i left 3 days ago i had a tidy balance of which i only spent 40% of ... how the heck?!?!?!?

i got online, looked at my account and realized they deducted the check i'd previously deposited.  but why?  i get them on the phone and they are unable to explain it.  i call the disability insurance people ... finally two hours later after a ton of research and the bank and the dis ins. people talking together, they were able to explain it.

that month they had direct deposited my check!  it was the first month of that and i was told it wouldn't happen for another 3 months.  so what i deposited that the teller actually accepted was a check stub - BOY DO THEY LOOK ALIKE! 

where did that leave me?  after everything was fixed, all NSF fees credited back (my bank understood and i'm rarely on that list) etc. etc. it came to be i was truly $1k in the hole!

i thanked them for their time and promptly hung the phone up.  my head immediately started spinning, my eyes went blurry, my heart was racing and i'm pretty sure each beat was physically visible.  my hands went numb, i couldn't breathe, etc.  i thought, "what in the world is wrong with me?  i've never felt like this before?  ooooh MY GOD!  i'm dying!  i'm having a heart attack!"  the very moment i thought that, i realized what it truly was ... a panic attack ...

i'm glad it's not something i've ever had before and hope it's something i never have again - that's scarier than h3ll! 

i feel for folks who suffer from this on a regular basis. 

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3 Responses Jun 22, 2007

oh my.... yes my life of panic attacks. count your blessing luv, it's only once. we all have our ills and woes but you got it babe it's a nightmare.

thanks, bono! you would've thought they'd call huh? me too ... but nope! scared the hades out of me to be in that kind of debt in my checking account and still have bills due for the month ... what a nightmare to dig out of. luckily i got my tax return within a couple weeks!

Well I do not blame you for having a panic attack on that kind of crap. You think that they would atleast give you a courtesy call saying, "BTW, we made a mistake and we are withdrawing this amount of money from your account." I do not know that many people that have just $2K laying around for a rainy day, not in this day and age. Sorry you had to go through that and I hope you do not have another panic attack.