Had Them - Now, I Don't - And - I Don't Miss Them

I've been hyper-active (even ADD) all my life.

I ran wide open on everything I've done. I believe that, in my case, the panic attacks that I experienced were a way of telling me to slow down, smell the roses and re-think personal priorities.

I had warnings of things to come. While shopping in familiar stores, I'd feel detached and lost, which in turn would boost anxiety to a point where I'd have to stop, reassure myself that things were fine, take some breaths and settle down.

The crunch - attack - happened out of the blue - during a meeting. Dizzyness, sweating, and a scary surge running through my brain - had me wondering if I was stroking. My head was weighty and getting heavier by the second - to the point that I simply laid my arms on the table and face planted myself while feeling my body going limp. 30 minutes later, I was able to sit up without help from others.

Doc prescribed anti-depressants that had me stopping at green lights and driving through red lights. Good stuff, eh? Wrong!

So - I started studying nutritional supplements. Over a 2 year period, I eliminated medications and stayed with anti-oxidents. Next, I overhauled my belief system with NLP and the combination of these 2 approaches have eliminated my version of one of the scariest experiences of my life or, panic attacks.

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2 Responses Jul 30, 2006

Wow. Just Wow. Could you link me to some of your sources for supplemental betterment? I'm still recovering from my anxiety issues. I've made it a long way, but I still have anxiety attacks at least a few times a day. and it's not often that I can even be as clear headed as I want to be. It's a consistent struggle and I just want it to be gone.

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