Had Panic Attacks Since I Was Young, Better Now.

My parents fought so often it became the norm in our household. All that yelling and anger was stored in my brain so that I would react in a panic. I remember hyperventalating a few times as a child but the main part of this story happend when I was 19.

I had that fight/flight response that you hear so much about. I also went into a bling rage.

My dad and mom said that I was hitting my father and would not stop. All I remember is him trying to pin me against the wall and then him slapping the **** out of me. I guess he slapped me to get me off of him, but I just saw it as an attack. I remember I went outside and got a breath of air. He came out to talk to me and KABOOM! I took off like I was being chased by a tiger. I ran so fast and so hard my thighs were burning! I remember thinking that I was running so fast. I ran up our whole street in what seemed like seconds.

That's the last real intense one I remember. I have learned over the years to control my emotions and have gotten away from a lot of stressors.

My home town used to be inhabitted by Native Americans (The Chumash) and I can't help but wonder if their spirits caused the great deal of disharmony that my town in California exerienced. That's my story... what's your's??

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Jan 26, 2009