I Remember My First Panic Attack.

 I really can't say I vividly remember my panic attacks, only the first one ever stuck with me. I don't remember what exactly triggered it, but once it started it was like I was no longer in charge with my body. I had locked myself in my parents bathroom, balling and adrenaline pumping causing me to hear my pulse in my ears. I was screaming 'Go Away' over and over again even after I lost my voice I kept going.

My mom and dad were finally able to open the door when my arms gave out, but that didn't stop me from running to the front door and taking off down the street. There I was in my PJ's and bare feet only able to do one thing, flee. You could hear my skin slapping on the cement with each stride, but I couldn't feel it. It wasn't until I made it to a park did my parents catch up to me with the car.

They pulled me in and I was hysterical, but the adrenaline had worn off so I was calming down. And then like a light switch was turned I was back in control of my body. I stopped crying, apologized to my parents and went inside to wash my feet. It was bizarre and terrifying.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

the SAME exact thing happened to me except i kept walking back n forth around the house. my dad came n took me to a doctor and i had two more attacks over there. the worst thing is that he and his doctor wife (his clinic is in his house) both looked at me like what the hell is going on. They were supposed to help me!<br />
<br />
All i got was a b12 shot in my *** and his wife kept TALKING to me asking me if my life is miserable and whats bothering me n **** like that. I told her I aint freakin sad I'm locked inside my head and I remember asking myself What the heck why are crying, your not even sad?!<br />
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stupid docs...he just gave me some citalopram and my dad took me home. i wasn't scared or anything but i was scared i was going nuts or that i MIGHT have an illness.

what did your parents do? im sorry that souds scary