Running for my life

My first panic attack happened while I was watching TV with my daughters. I felt my heart beating so fast and I felt this horrible fear, I got up and ran to my car that was parked in the garage, my daughters running after me, mami, mami whats wrong, I couldn't talk, I felt  like the devil was after me. I took off  to the emergency room. The minute I got there I started feeling better. I returned home. By that time my daughters 12 and 17 had called my parents, my husband, sisters and my neighbor. When I went inside the house they were all starring at me, What the hell happened? my husband asked. I could only come up with, I forgot the stove on at work. I was  so ashamed, I  assured everyone I was fine. That's how I handle my first attack. I have been reading online stories ever since.

reguetonna reguetonna
Feb 16, 2009