Panic Attack

i have had a number of panic attacks and for the 2 more serious ones i got told off a teacher to calm down or they would take me to hospital and for the other less serious ones i was told i was putting them on which i wasnt at all.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I'm sorry that you are surrounded by ignorant people who are too narrow minded to understand what you are going through. Experiencing panic attacks is a manifestation of anxiety or other psychiatric-related illnesses. People should be supportive and understand that you need professional help.<br />
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I've had a panic attack whilst in the car with my friends and they were so good about it. They pulled over and got me a bag to breathe into and calmed me down. <br />
I guess my point is that not everyone is unsympathetic. Panic attacks are not something you can easily control or just 'get over'. There are people out there who understand.