I have had anxiety for so long, since I was in high school (I'm now in college) but my anxiety issues were all about being afraid to have a panic attack in public so I avoided any situation I even thought could effect me in a negative way.  I avoided parties, leaving my house, sleeping in my parents house, and areas in town I didn't like.  I thought I was developing agoraphobia, which I was, but last summer as I stayed home all summer missing out on our family vacations and being stuck in front of a computer I had one and it hit like a ton of bricks.

I was home alone and using some special whitening toothpaste when I started freaking out thinking my throat was closing from an allergic reaction, my heart started racing but it wouldn't go back down no matter what I did.  I  promptly called 911 and they escorted me to the hospital saying my heart rate was ridiculously high for just sitting in a chair.  I got an Ativan once I got there and shortly after was put on Xanax for emergencies.  I never want to do that again and I end up in the same cycle of not going out when my Xanax isn't with me, but I'm so glad there was something to monitor how I react to life around me.

AlannaGabriella AlannaGabriella
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I agree. I love taking some time out to relax and remind myself that I'm just overreacting to whatever situation is in front of me.