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I have heard the door of the bathroom open and shut and there was no one there. Plus at night I can hear footsteps and see the outline of a person. And one time, I was pushed out of bed! Yes, I was pushed. I didn't roll over on my own. And sometimes the bed is hit from underneath, plus ANOTHER time I saw red eyes under my sister's bed! And one time when I was on the computer, some of the words on it started blinking yellow, and it was NOT supposed to do that.  Some might think I'm a lunatic, but its all true!!! I'm freaking out! What should I do? Like, to get the spirit(s) to leave me alone or to get myself to stape freaking out? There is more, but if I told anyone they'd think I'm a complete NUTCASE!!! So PLEASE respond in the comments!
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I would recommend doing a cleansing. I hope it helps!

You're not a nutcase, you have a gift that can also be a curse—I don't mean you are cursed! It's more of a frightening burden, I guess. You have the ability to see what most people can't. You are open (like it or not) to and attract things from the paranormal realm. I don't have that ability—I've had a few ghostly encounters but they have not been very dramatic or scary—so I'm not someone who can give you the most useful advice. I think you should contact a paranormal expert in your area—I'm sure there is one. Maybe s/he can help clear your house of whatever entities may be haunting you.