A Moment In Time


It was a cool summer night.

The most romantic of places

Looking out from the balcony

Appreciating the beauty of nature



She was outlined by the glow of twilight

As beautiful as the wonder before me

Calm in her demeanor

At peace with herself



As we came together

The outside world disappeared

For just that moment in time

We were alone in this place



Then her lips touched mine

A sensation so simple and complex

No doubt in my mind

This was the perfect moment


And in an instant it was over

Never to be forgotten

Forever in my heart

A memory held precious and close



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12 Responses Sep 1, 2008

I don't know. You must have been drunk-lol

beautiful thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading this :)

It was princess, it really was...

Thanks Kitten :)

Thanks a ton :)


Anthony and I are going to be best buds whether I like it or not I think-lol

Thank you both. Whenever I do get to touch my girl SugarSpice it is breathtaking. When I see her......my heart literally skips a beat....when I touch her the love pours from me in a very real way that she says she can feel. I get the same from her. Sometimes her love just washes over me with an intensity that is overwhelming in the best possible way. I never ever take what we have for granted. I couldn't possibly be more in love.


It was life changing...

Thank you. It was a very special moment with the love of my life.

=] love it