The Moment...

I met this wonderful lady on a dating site. We woudn't have met because we didn't fit each other's criteria but the site had a chat room and there fate played her hand.
I fell in love online and within two weeks she had my heart and soul.
To move the story on there came the day she was coming back from holiday and we were going to meet for the first time. When she got home she called me but I had already ridden to her home town and was only a few streets away. I fired up my bike and rode down. Dressed in my leathers I knocked on the door. A tired lady in her travel clothes opened the door and she smiled.
We were together in the most wonderful relationship for four years and still would be if outside forces hadn't destroyed us.
The moment... when she opened the door she had the same love in her eyes that I had in mine. One day I hope to see that love again.
AngeGardien AngeGardien
51-55, M
Nov 29, 2013