I Didn't Think This Would Ever Happen.....

I'm getting prepared to go off on my on and not look back and never contact any of the people that turned on me despite my efforts to help them and just when I get things going in that positive direction two things happen. First, out of the blue I get a voice mail from my grand daughter. The same grand daughter that dismissed me two months ago and didn't want anything to do with me and for absolutely no reason whatsoever because we don't even live in the same city. Her call I know was to ask me for something because that's what they do when there's trouble. Call Granma and she doesn't care if you told her to kiss your behind after the last time she helped you she'll help you because she cares about you. Well, no. I erased her message. Then as my plans are REALLY falling into place the shock of ALL shocks. My middle child sent me a message telling me that she is having TRIPLETS!!!! I am going to be the grand mother of 7 children and I'm just so elated. Too bad that I can't see them. She stopped speaking to me two years ago when I turned down a house where she was stationed. She told me whe wished I would hurry up and die. Talk about being hateful. And not she's given me her phone number and said if I wanted to hear about what's been happening with her to give her a call. I won't. She has poisoned her husband against me and I will not go around that kind of pre-judgemental malice again. It's ridiculous to talk bad about your mother then turn around and introduce her to strangers that YOU have made hate her. As terrible as they have been I don't do that to them. When people meet them that I know they come to their own conclusion. I met a friend of this child and the friend really took a liking to me and we were talking and laughing and had a really good time and then they went to the older child's house and the next time I saw that friend she didn't even want to look at me let alone speak to me. My children had turned that girl against me just like that! I think they were jealous that this girl liked me as a person and they couldn't have that oh no. I suppose I still have some angst about that. It's not the only time either. The oldest had her other relatives thinking I was a crazy person on medicine until I stayed with them for about a month and then the one said "you are nothing like N said you were". I told them N says bad things about me to make people feel sorry for her so that she can get money. The person said yeah we did give her money. I said I know. Anyway right now I'm just not sure what my path is. Triplets! She's in the military and her husband works full time so she'll need help at first. Her mother in law is there of course but believe that she has heard my daughter's poisonous tongue too so no I don't want to meet them either. I stay away from all of the haters and I'm still put down and made out to be a bad person. Until they need something and then I'm Mama to the rescue. I'll stick with my plans until I know what's what.
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May 23, 2012