The First 75 Days Have Been A Rollercoaster Ride!!!

Wow, so far, 2010 has given me one hell of a ride!   My marriage was tenuous, at best when the new year started.  Just before the Christmas holidays, a very dear friend and former online lover, sxdup, had tried to reach me urgently, but we failed to connect.   i finally reached her on the 4th, and we instantly renewed our friendship and care for each other.  Soon afterwards, my wife filed for divorce, and i rejoined EP as Tigerzback.   Sxdup changed her name to tgrsldy, and we very soon fell into a deep and lasting love, which we have made physical over two magical, yet simple weekends this February.   Tgrslady is having he own terrible year, going through her divorce, too, and has a story under this same group about her year. 

My love grows daily for tgrsldy, and due to the malevolence of her husband, she is loosing nearly everything she owns.  More on that later.  In my case, my wife believes, and tells everyone she meets, that i am an uncontrolled sex addict, doomed to crash and burn someday.  She has alienated most of my neighbors and friends, and refuses to accept any responsibility for the failure of the marriage.   She and I, after a month of heated and not so heated exchanges and discussions have come to an agreement for support and settlement of our property.   The term "taken to the cleaners" is in my case optimistic. Although I get the house and my cars, she is getting all of my company 401K balance, and $1700 a month support, and has raided the bank account and taken 1/2 of the money usually spend for the household for herself.  The house payment is behind one month already, i have a large charge card balance due, and things will be extremely tight for the next two months.   On top of the financial dealings, my wife has continually derided me, insulted me, defamed me to my family,and generally psychologically abused me.  I am a physical and emotional wreck, save for tgrsldy, who is the most wonderful, carig, supportive person in the world to me.  I had to take 4 hours sick leave today to come back to my room and rest, i was that drained.  The good news is that my wife is paying the movers( with my money of course) to come in Saturday morning, pick up her things, and she is moving to Georgia permanently.  I am in a motel until Saturday am to give her space to pack and to give her space from my smoking, which she detests.

Earlier I said there was more to do with tgrsldy; her husband, who originally was going to give her the house for making the payments, has reneged on every deal they made.  The last straw was this Tuesday, when he went back on his word to pay the first months rent and deposit for a place for her to live.  Tgrsldy had just been approved to rent a nice little duplex apartment and when she told him she found a place and he could pay the rent and deposit as he promised, he refused.   This left her in a very bad state both emotionally and financially, with a 10K a year job, no savings, and no place to go except live under ths same roof as this buffoon. 

A week from Sunday, I am flying to tgrsldy; the next morning we are packing her car and driving up to my place in Maryland.  We had no other good option that would enable us to be together. 

So far, it has been a rough year for us; but we are fighters, we are totally and most truly in love, and our love will not be denied.  Tigerzback + tgrsldy = US, and with US, nothing is impossible!


IKILYBIMY, my dearest!

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Infuckingdeed, Tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** them all...2010 is the year of the Tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Tiger and tgrsldy= US...undeniable, invincible, and eternal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
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ITIDYIL, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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I love you more than you will ever know.......