Many Years Ago

I was a teen and my friend gave me a dare which required me to get maked and walk to a beach at night, and then return and sit naked in the car for 1 hr, so i did, and then suddenly he leaned over and started to suck me, it was exciting and i didn`t stop him and he sucked me all the way.
And again i was staying at his house one weekend and we played ***** poker for fun, and i lost  so he offered to play on for dares and his clothes , so we did and the dare were just simple ********** while he watched etc. The deal was that who ever lost the game would stay naked the whole weekend, and so as i lost i had to be nude all weekend, he then asked if he could toiuch me and i didn`t say no and he felt me sexually and then he gave me a BJ again to the end, and then  things like rubbing ***** together , he did want to go to intercourse but i said no to that, i *********** him etc but could not bring myself to return the BJ he didn`t care and we played little games all night long, and he sucked me several times over the week end and kept wanting to feel me up and i didn`t mind that, yes i enjoyed the experiance, and now many years later still get excited when i think back to that weekend
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

that is a hot story would you like to chat about this, iliked the part about rubbing **** together would liket to rub your wiyh mine