Gave A Nerd A Swirly

I didn't get a swirly I gave one. Me and the football team were wAlking about at recess and we spotted this small guy with glasses all alone, me and the team harass nerds a lot so we decided to do this one, we grabbed him and he didn't put up a fight I shoved his face into my armpit and we punched him a bit calling him a maggot. One of us says "let's give him a dunk!" so we bundle the little guy into the toilets We pulled his arms behind his back and he yells out next I hold him like that while the team all ***** in a toilet then we haul him into the toilet and make him kneel before the toilet we shove his face right above the poop and make him smell it I remember saying "smell nice maggot? Well I hope it tastes good!" and shovE his face into the crap we punch his guts trying to make him open his mouth then we slosh his head around in all the poo As we mock him then we shove his face right to the bottom of the bowl so his head is squashed against it then flushed repeatedly then we hauled him to his feed saying "enjoy your swim maggot?" then wipe his face through the urinals then we wedgie him and kick him a bit then one of us says " ur our slave maggot, lick my shoes clean!" and he's so scared he does it! So we all make him do it then we we wedged him again then left. This is what we usually do to weak freshmen and nerds. That's all! enjoy!
bigjock123 bigjock123 16-17 17 Responses Jan 7, 2012

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******* **** you you ****!

Ohh I can't wait for karma to get you I won't talk bad of you cause I doubt ull care but karma is gunna bite u in the *** not saying I'm perfect I was bully at one point to atleast I acknowledged the problem and apologized to the people I hurt

In this story, you forgot to mention what you did with his glasses - therefore you story has lost complete believability. :)

Wow ur a d**k make a story about when
U get hit by a bus karma a$$hole

I wish i wuz tht nerd

Why?! He could have suffocated at the bottom of the toilet!

BJ, I've only one wish. When he brings his guns to school, I hope that his aim is true. Klebold shot the wrong people, mostly. There's no good excuse for sloppy target acquisition, much less death by friendly fire.

That's shocking. Is that what happens in America ???

It\'s fake I\'m in America this never has happened

the guy who wrote this story is a total *******!<br />
i hope he gets hit by a bus!!

Thank you, bigjock123 you got some nerve to first of all do that an then post it. Your a disgusting excuse for an American it's people like you who make others commit suicide from this kinda stuff. I hope you live a very short life and die alone because you are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

haha not your mean u r a jerk i agree

You, sir, are a jerk.

That's pretty cruel.<br />
But if there was no ****, I'd laugh my head off at what you did.

wow, ur a ****, who would laugh at something so mean, how would you feel if that happend to you?

idk how would you?

Jack-*** *****, go die.

Karma will get you don't be surprised when it does. You make me sick

wat else have you done? to nerds apparently

your a ******* douche


who me?

no bigjock

i get bullied alot and it fuucking sucks. hes a stupid cuunt

i know how you feel just wish it would stop

It's little consolation, but most guys like him prove to be weak alphas, who end up bitter disappointments to their children and the alpha females who are silly enough to hitch themselves to their shooting stars. As your life plays itself out, you'll see their carcasses along the side of the road, crows picking at their eyes. If the "friends" who orbit about them today even recognize them on that distant day, then they might bother to stop and take a whizz on their festering corpse.

Unfortunately, sometimes they grow up to be the Governor of Massachusetts, a Bishop, a rich businessman, or even a failed candidate for the Most Powerful Office In the World. Rarely, even, all four.

Just watch what happens, though, when one of the "low-lifes" dares to challenge them; the mask slips, sometimes. Want to see just how badly? Then google "You Tube" &amp; "Bill O'Reilly" &amp; "kid gets Bill's goat". Then, read a few articles about it.

Rich, successful, handsome. Lord of all that he surveys, but he's not even the Master of his own House. LOL They're all scared little boys, often right into the grave. The ones who never learn that the rest of us are the only justification for their power will all die miserable failures.

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