School Wedgie

I was changing for gym when some one saw me In my Tighty whightys, they grabbed me by the front and back and another bully pulled my pants and shirt off so everyone saw me they took me to one of the giant lockers (they are for foot ball pads and other stuff for players) and putting me by 4 hooks in the locker (one in front, one on back and one on each side) and closed it. They left me their for the rest of the class then took me out and into the hall and gave me to the bullys girl friend, she brought me into the girls locker room and hung me on a hook in the closet with the door open so all the other girls saw me when it was time for the next gym class they closed the door. About an hour later a teacher found me. And get this, I GOT IN TROUBLE for being in the girls locker room! I got a detention for getting a wedgie
chatman21 chatman21
18-21, M
May 22, 2012