Only Once

I had a tooth growing where another tooth was, and the tooth that was already there was not falling out. So I had to eventually get it pulled. I was pretty nervous, since I had never had a tooth pulled before, and never had any cavities, or really, anything wrong with my teeth. I remember sitting in the dentist's chair thinking about all the things people say about dentists and how they always dread visiting them. That didn't help much. They told me they had to numb my mouth. Woo! It hurt the first couple times they poked me with whatever the hell they stuck in my mouth. But then the feeling slowly left my gums, and I couldn't feel a thing. I could still hear them chipping at my tooth as they took it out, though. When they were done, they made me stick a gauze pad thing in my mouth and bite down on it, but to make sure I wasn't biting down on my cheek. That made me kind of paranoid, and I had to continuously check to see that I wasn't hurting myself (well, technically it wouldn't have hurt, but you get my point). The numbness wasn't supposed to last that long, but it lasted for hours and hours. I found it half amusing, half annoying, when I tried to smile and only half of my mouth would lift up.
dancelaughlove dancelaughlove
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010