Almost 2 Years Now Since My Penectomy & 5 Surgeries For The Problem

I fell in a chicken house in Baldwin, Ga. on a feed line that caused priapism, then later on it caused gangrene, then later on, the emergency surgery to save my life. I will post more stories later on when i have more time to post, tomorrow.
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yes this is a true story of what happened to me back in 2009, yes I am still here every once & a while, I still have my nuts, I shave often now, also i play with my urethra as it has grown in size since my surgery, now my new toys to make me *** is electrosex machines, as I love the feeling, hense I have blown up 3 machines in a very short amount of time, my new girlfriend will not pleasure me anymore, i have had gay thoughts running thru my head, what it would feel like, etc. etc. apparently i must have 2 accounts for this sight but here i am again.

I am real real sorry to hear about your story. Glad you made it through the bad experience . My tools do not work, I wish I could have them removed , but as usual Head Shrinks would think I am crazy put me away " FOR MY OWN GOOD" as they say. "MY OWN GOOD" WOULD TO BE WITHOUT THEM.

hi i lost my penis also now think that it looks great with nothing , love hear from you .

Why didn't you just let the chickens peck your ****** off? LOL

Well your 1/2 way there, just have reassignment surgery and become a woman. Are you already a cuckold?

If you lose the penis they can not turn it into a vagina they need the penis. They cut open the penis and turn it inside out and tuck everything in. Most of the time they would like for you to wait until the surgery to remove your testicles too because your scrotum shrinks without the testicles.

yes, they had to cut it off, the doctor left me with sitting down to pee & having to wipe like a girl & what makes me mad is when i got to go to bathroom & they only got 1 stall & it is occupied at the time, but i really have to go & cannot hold it & pee all over myself right there in the bathroom, not being able to hold it.

OMG, i would trade places with you in a heartbeat, i would LOVE to have no penis!!!

If I may ask, is your story real?