A Day At The Beach Gone Bad.

Last summer I went to Miami Florida on vacation with my wife to celebrate our wedding honeymoon. After the long drive there we decided to rest on the beach for a while. I guess we were so tired from driving that we fell asleep together on the beach near a roadside park. Not long after this I woke up with sever pains in my groin and hearing a dog barking and pounding the ground next to me. The dog had somehow gotten inside my shorts and bite off my penis and ripped through my testicles too. I have not figured out who's dog it was or why it had attacked me.
Three months after the attack my wife was shot and killed by her brother.
I feel like there is no place safe in the world today.
Steaknpotatos Steaknpotatos
46-50, M
1 Response Jun 29, 2013

Sorry to hear about your bad day at the beach.. as well as your wife's death. Did the dog's bite cause permanent damage?