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had tummy tuck breast lift with implants , old implants taken out (had for 20 years) on may 21 2010 so im 11 weeks out and still swollen and sore and tender feeling.Im 44years old 2 kids one was c section. the pain was BAD!!! coud not stand up straight for 2 and a half weeks i am 5 feet tall and was 114 pounds when i mad my surgury date, went on nutisystems for two months went down to 108 morning of surgury . after surgury could not eat for 4 days 5 day just a couple of crackers with peanut butter lost another 5 pounds went to 102 pounds now im back to 108 and i want to stay this weight if i can , Im allowed to exersice but i swell up so much after im done and im talking walking the dog for just under a mile in the morning too painful still. so im still waiting for these great results i keep hearing about i cant wear my pre surgury pants yet its hot out so all i wear is gym shorts i just bought 5 pair all the same just different colors. My boobs were a 34c 20 years ago when i had it done the first time then over time went to a 34dd from up and down weight gain dont forget i had them threw two pregnacies (im sure i spelt that wrong) then they sagged but not to bad i really just wanted them smaller.but to not get a lift at the same time . i would just be going back some time down the road for another my boobs are a small 34 c perky they feel great lite and lifted love it trying on all cloths (tops) from long ago and they fit!! love it now if i can just get a flat tummy !!will post progress as it goes...
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i had a tummy tuck two years ago my stomach still swells and i gain weight i regret every having it done

I had a tummy tuck done 6 months ago and my belly looks like I'm about 5 months pregnant. My PS can't tell me what's wrong but he knows something is. I went to my primary and she is appalled! My stomach swells within 5 minutes of my feet hitting the floor in the morning. I know my PS knows something is wrong but he has no idea or just can't admit he did something wrong.<br />
My primary told me that I need to see another PS and that I'll need another tummy tuck to repair the damage! I still owe for the first one. She told me to get my money back from the first doc since he screwed this up! <br />
The pain, the swelling, the discomfort are horrible and I feel badly putting my family through all this again.<br />
I researched for 5 years before I did this and I am so disappointed to say the least. <br />
I'm hoping to get all of this resolved soon so I can move forward. I don't have this kind of time with taking care of my 6 kids and working. I thought this was the beginning of a new time in my life but here I go waiting and hurting all this time.

Please can you update me on your progress? I am just like u but 2months post op. swollen above my incision line. Looking a few months pregnant.

Sorry, I meant lipo.

I had my tummy tuck four years ago and whenever I work out or do housework I get swollen. I went to a different plastic surgeon recently for lip in the upper stomach but ht said I had very little fat and that the doc who performed my tt did a great job. So, he saw no need for lip. I sometimes wear a sliimming body brief or sweat wrap when I feel the swelling coming on. You may try that too.

now im 6 months post op and thing look bad. my tummy is huge my doctor said im not swollen but i have some scare tissue and it will go down a little . he told me to loose weight im so pissed i weigh 110 and im 5'1 feet tall . i was crying in his office and he kept saying loose weight. oh and he said my muscles that he repaired are starting to relax and spread apart some. . i spent almost 20 k on everything. my husband said i look swollen and i think i di to. and i didnt really need a tt to begin with i had no strech marks just a hand full of fat i could grab. i have a scare hip to hip with a upside down T in the middle were my old belly button was .since i didnt have enough skin to pull all the way down you ger that type of scare. so what do you think..please anything

Please can you update me on your progress? I am just like u but 2months post op. swollen above my incision line. Looking a few months pregnant. My doctor says there is nothing wrong and I need time to heal but I know something is wrong and he is not telling me. My story is very much like yours. Would love to hear what has happened to you. I am scared and falling apart. Please reply back