I am a mother of 2 older children who has been waiting 20 yrs for a tummy tuck. Well, my dream comes true in 3 hrs when I have my tummy tuck done. I stumbled across this forum just browsing the Internet because I am a nervous wreck. I just want it over with, no pain no gain I guess. Good-bye elephant skin from my lovely c-section. Any suggestions from anybody as far as post op? I could use all the advice I can get!
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Tummy tuck surgery is very common now. It is a simple method of removing fat and it also makes your abdomen tight. Sometimes liposuction along with abdominal plastic surgery will give you a best result. Dr. Kredistein Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Toronto is specialized in this treatment.

Planning on getting a tummy tuck in Feb 2014 I'm super excited but nervous I'm 38 three teenagers I'm worried Cruz I'm only 5 feet tall weigh 190 I worry I will look odd

I am still about a month away from getting mine. How did it go? Hope you're feeling good