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I had tummy tuck (full with muscle repair) on 14th dec 2009 - I must say I'm really pleased with the result although I am still swollen. I'm now in my third week and still unable to stand fully upright but I'm improving a little each day. I have been told this will take a while to get back to normal - however my wounds have healed beautifully even though I'm nearly fifty! I too had a sneeze last week and I thought I was ripped apart. I hold a pillow against my abdomen tightly when I cough or sneeze and this helps keep everything in. I also sleep with a thick pillow in between my knees on my side as it is the most comfortable position. I will advise anyone to have some help in the first few days after discharge from hospital - the first week is the most depressing and it's comforting for someone to be there and bring you hot cups of tea and help make you comfortable. Listen to your body and try not to strain yourself. Stock up on some films to watch, especially if you can't sleep and wear comfortable clothes. I still haven't showered yet as I still have tapes over my wounds to keep them strong - but I will take them off tomorrow as advised by my consultant. He is a great believer in keeping everything dry for a couple of weeks at least, as well as wearing my girdle until my 6 week check up.

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I just had my surgery on the 19th of nov and I am doing great . I walk upright already and though I still have drains everything is great . my question to you all is what did you do to keep your tubes in a comfortable postion when drawing your underwear down for potty breaks. ? I found a great item that I remodelled to keep them in place and that was a crotchless bodysuit. I opened the back to exspose the whole derriere and more around the crotch of the nylon and then attached the drain bags to the front close to my hip bone area . this alleviates having to pull everything down and possibly tug on the attached drains which can hurt . I also cut the toes out for more comfort. I have found I can go to the bathroom without fear of messing anything and by putting the panties over top nothing in the stocking moves or gets tugged, and you can sleep in them also without that same fear .. try it ladies .. it is great .

hello, glad everything went ok for you. I only had the drains in for a few hours after surgery, so didn't have a problem there. Great idea! best wishes

I'm 3 weeks post tummy tuck surgery. Yes, it's been painful, but even though I won't see the final results for a couple months, I can tell my stomach will look great. Being at goal weight for many years (I'm 47), I had lots of loose skin and no muscle tone what so ever. I worked out a lot, but never achieved one ounce of difference in my stomach. I know having a nice flat and strong stomach will be something I will enjoy for the rest of my life! Thanks to "".

On November 15, 2013 I had a tummy tuck surgery. I am happy with the outcome, however my tummy is rounded, my doctor says that I have a hernia. I will see a specialist shortly who will advise myself if surgery is needed. I had my drains removed the following day and dealing with the leaking blood and our fluid was to much to handle. I felt I needed to apologize for it, but everyone was so understanding. My stitches are very tight and I can't wait to have them removed. I hope that with time my belly will become flat! Good Luck to those who will have this procedure done! Board Certified....

Hi! I see that your tummy tuck was 4 years ago. I just had mine 3 months ago and I could sure use someone to talk to.-Sue

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I'm 44 yrs old, had a tummy tuck and lipo, I'm on day 3 of recovery, and OMG no kidding on the discomfort level! I feel like a gutted bloated toad that has to poop :-) been taking softeners, going to a laxative in the morning if no BM. I've been able to cut down on taking pain meds, right now most of my discomfort is needing to take a BM, also hoping not to cough or sneeze, hurts like crazy!! I've not been able to see the work done due to keeping bandages on until I go in on tue to see my surgeon, at that time hoping to get the drain tube removed. I have my husband of 25 yrs taking care of me, he is the best! There is no way anyone should attempt having this surgery and try to do it on your own! Looking forward to seeing my results

Good luck with it - just be kind to yourself afterwards and don't rush things. It will take a while to get back to normal and there will be moments when low moods set but you'll get through it.

I am also having a tt in 4weeks time I am also very very nervous but also excited lol its nice to come on here and read others experiences

I am hving a TT in four weeks and I am nervous as all hel but I really want to get it done so wish me luck I have read some good stories on EP they really helped me thank you I will let you no how it goses....

I'm having a tummy tuck in three days. So nervous about blood clots, but my Dr is going to give me a blood thinner to help with that.

I had a full tt on Wed and feel great.Other than vomiting all night.Think it was from the meds,im up walking around.I have no drainage tubes my DR doesnt use them.I hope everyone has a speedy recovery!!


Thanks for asking - yes swelling has gone down and it was worth all the pain and discomfort. Now my clothes fit better and I even walk differently. I can also breathe a lot better - not sure whether carrying all the extra weight at the front has had some kind of pull on my lungs and the supporting area. Does anyone know of any evidence out there that might support this? Hope you are healing nicely - keep me informed!!

Oh yes.....and I look forward to when I can lay on my sides without a pillow between my knees. I also look forward to when all of my bruising and swelling goes away. I also had lipo, in addition to the tummy tuck with full abdominal muscle repair. I also had my umbicular hernia that I was born with corrected. We'll see!! <br />
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How are you doing now?? Any swelling????

Oh my do I understand this! I had my surgery on March 3rd. So....very new! I want to stand up straight so badly. The first week is so miserable. The second week I was just sad. This week is much better. I am looking forward to getting back to work however! Who would have ever thought that!! I have had my drains out for one week, yet the one continues to drain. I have my second post op appointment on Wednesday. I sure hope I haven't developed an infection. We will see! Thanks for the post!!