I recently had a tummy tuck in February 2010 and now I'm six weeks out.  The surgery was great and the the recovery was ok.  I dealt with the drains and the inability to walk properly but was so happy with the results until now.  Over the past few days I have now developed a bulge above my belly button.  It is painful and ugly.  I went to my Plastic surgeon who investigated thoroughly and stated he belives it is just swelling and that I need to relax and not be pushing myself so much.  has anyone experienced increased swelling in the upper abdominal area 6 week post op?

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I haven't had mine yet, but I have been doing a lot of research. This is a Seroma (google pics of it and see if I'm right). Limit your salt intake, wear compression garments... this is water that has found the weakest link and is protruding. It will go away. Best of luck.

I am 12 weeks post op of full tummy tuck, lipo and breast enhancement ~ and YES I have swelling and it's puffy. Not only above the incision but my pelvis and my ankles. It's totally normal and will just take time to subside.

Have you found out yet what the buldge was? I am considering a tummy tuck and lipo in the love handle area but I am SOOOOO Scared and not sure what to do! I have read so many reviews and not sure what to think. Let me know how your expierence was and if you found out what that buldge was! Thanks!!

I am getting TT and lipo in the love handles very soon and is scared as well. I know I will need to rest a great deal and walk as much as possible to keep down blood clots. I can't wait to experience what will soon be the past. Any kind of surgery will come with some kick *** pain and can never be all prepared to deal with whats to come... Its a journey through life and I am glad I am able to experience this in my life... Good luck to your decision...

I am having a tummy tuck and lipo in flanks and inner/outer thigh area. This surgery will be happening Jan. 14, 2011. I am so nervous and scared as to what to expect. I am nervous about blood clots in the legs. My doctor prescribed with the meds shots that I will have to give myself in the legs for 7 days. Has anyone done this? Please tell me this is worth it. I am also 54yrs old. Is there older women out there my age that has done this procedure?<br />
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Thanks for your help