I Hate Drama But It Found Me Today At Work

I have to say that most of my time spent at work is pleasant and productive. Today however what a mess! I didn't cause the drama I only observed it. I work for a Plastic Surgeon so alot of our patients are well to do or wealthy. Most are very pleasant. Today we had a procedure scheduled for this patient. It was her first time having it done so we needed her to do some paper work. Consent forms, financial agreements and things like that. We had a lobby full of people when this lady just got so loud and rude to our staff because she didn't want to sign a simple quote. The quote is just for our record that she agrees to the financial agreement that is made in advance for a service that is already paid for. Anyhow she got into it with 2 of our girls and we ran late getting her ready for her procedure. She had a friend picking her up afterwards since she was going to be sedated. Well we get through that drama and we bust our butts to get her done in time so her friend won't have to wait. We end up making what I thought was great timing. We were only 10 minutes late finishing with her. Meantime in those 10 minutes her friend shows up and is out front raising hell that she is not ready yet. Unbeliveable!!! Just when we all thought the drama was over we get a phone call from another patient who had Botox 3 months ago. Let me just say this lady is in her seventies! She starts going off that her Botox is not working! Well hello! Botox only lasts 4 months at the most and it depends on the person as well. She was trying to demand that we redo it for free!! Well you don't wait 3 months after you have had it done when its wearing off already and accuse us of not doing it right! Its like calling Pizza Hut up 3 months after they screwed up your order and demanding a free pizza. Oh well I am glad it is over. Nasty people seem to come in in threes! Just because you have money doesn't give you a right to be an idiot to other people!
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Wow ... yeah i would have went off ... i just dont get people sometimes i worked in a mall in one of the richest suburbs of cincinnati .. and i dealt with these lil teenage pleasantville wanna be girls and ill tell you what .. i went off so many times i cant believe i didnt fired

I am famous for a certain quote with our patients at my Doc's office. When a patient gets demanding I tell her/him: This Ain't BURGER KING! You DON'T Get It Your Way! ;}