Fishing Camp Rule

Husband insists I stay naked while we are at the camp. His friends don't seem to mind.

Annikafuks Annikafuks
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What a surprise, men not minding a woman being naked!! Lol

sounds like we are married to the same

I would love to go fishing with ya'll! I wouldn't want you to put on cloths either. Please add me. Thanks.

I want to camp with you. Please friend me.

"...I've a big 9 inch **** & I want 2 **** u up the ***... - friends pls"

From the pic that I see on your profile, you are very beautiful. Please add me as a friend so I may see more of your beauty.

Why would anyone fish if you were there?

I bet that the "ole fishing hole" was never the same again. I wish I was one of your husband's fishing buddies!!! Please add me as a friend so I may view your photos as I would like to see what a lovely distraction you are.

I wish I was your husbands friend!

Wanna **** me?

I'm going fishing next week, want to join us? Plz friend me

And your camp is where? and how do i become friends with your husband?!! your profile pic alone has me rubbing myself through my shorts right now!

My friend had me training his wife in dp and tp. One summer we went to his cabin and I purposely left Marie's bag back at the house.<br />
<br />
When we got to the cabin, I striped her out by my car, threw her clothes in and locked the door.<br />
<br />
She said, "I'll just get something out of my bag."<br />
<br />
About 5 minutes later she realized and just then 2 cars pulled up with her husband's friends.<br />
<br />
There were ten of us with her that week. The following summer there were 6 large tents set up to handle the overflow. Marie never complained about going fishing again. Not that she ever fished, cleaned or cooked a fish ever.<br />
<br />
How many friends do you average at your cabin?

Please, there has to be more to this story! This has always been a fantasy of mine.

it would be rude not too

At least there are no clothes to make noise and scare the fish

THere has to be more than that...please tell us more about the camping trips!!!

I would never mind!


wow good clean fun.

I don't camp, but we have a vacation home and it's a no clothing house as soon as we walk thru the door

i'd like to join.... i cook so everybody can eat. and il also not eat.... but il eat u anyway... hmmmm..take care dear...

and there is a problem, any way you are probably never left alone....

Do I need to bring a fishing pole to make it look good? Any fish stories about the big one yet?

So I suppose that if I were there, and didn't fish, you would have been my entertainment. Hmmm, I might take up fishing.

I'll bet that there was very little fishing that got done. sounds like you had a very enjoyable weekend.

Can they ********** her?

When the fishing is good, you have to be careful not to change your luck. Sounds like the fishing is good

You must have to carrry a towel with you all the time.

I also want to join the camp.

Where is this camp? Would like to be there to see you. You have an understanding husband.

So do you always do what he tells you??

I like camping. So where do you take that gorgeous body camping? Can you add me? Thanks