In The Club

I was out one night for my friend's birthday. It was right during this episode of a girl in college asking me out after i found out she was interested in me for a year, then she just backs off. On that night my gay friend brought one his friends from out of town. She and I got talking once or twice and all the while I was thinking about the other girl who just stopped talking to me.

Through the course of the night my gay friend and her had an argument and i saw it and when she came over I asked if she was ok and she said, no we just argued and he stormed off, I was supposed to stay with him tonight and now I don't know what to do. I tried to console her and say he wouldn't abandon you. She, however, said if she could stay over with me... I was like um, it's messy you can take my bed and i'll take the couch, even though I was too sure about it myself because I only just met her and the thought of sleeping on the couch, it's barely 4 feet long. Plus the other girl on my mind.

Later on my friend came back and everything turned out ok, but she still kept coming back to me and saying, you know I still wouldn't mind coming over and staying with you. That's when I was thinking this is more than just a stranded dame. She wasn't my type however and i wasn't in the mood...
jusletmebe jusletmebe
26-30, M
Jul 30, 2010