From The Office

I was working at an office a few years ago and a young trainee girl started. We hit it off right away for some reason that still baffles me today since there was about 20 years difference in our ages. I had to teach her things and she would come in really close making sure lovely breasts would rub against me. This would get me a bit hot under the collar and she seemed to know too as she would then press more and more of her body against me. This went on for a couple of weeks until I finally went out on a limb and told her that she is so close I could kiss her. She said not here someone would see! I said come with me and took out the back of the warehouse where we had some privacy and kissed her. From then on we stole kisses and secretly groped each other when ever we could. We would go to private place in a the away from work and be all over each other. We went parking a few times and I that sweet thing her first ****** ever with just my finger. One time we jumped into the back seat and i was able to go down on her an it was great but we were disturbed by workers cleaning the carpark. This was when she started to literally beg me to **** her. She would plead with me to get a hotel room and **** her, but I couldnt, lunch time was too short at only half an hour, I was married and my wife would have missed the money and found me out because she takes care of our finances. anyway her training finished with our company and she moved on.

I eventually owned up to my wife about it which then started us on our new journey where she is now a **** wife!! and I'm loving every second of it

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Thank you combook!<br />
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There's alot more I wanted to teach her though ;-)

She learned a lot!

I sure do wish I started earlier and I really wanted to nail her tight *****!! but it wasnt to be.<br />
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Thank you for your comments :-)

Hmmm...don't ya wish you started sooner:) dc