Car Trip To Florida

A few years ago (I was 15 ish at the time), was the last time I had an accident on a car trip. I was going to Florida with my mom, my older sister, and my younger sister. I had a water bottle and a soda to drink. I fell asleep while everyone stopped at a rest stop, so when I woke up I really had to pee. I told my mom and she said that the next rest stop was like an hour away. I thought that I could hold it, but twenty ish minutes later I had to pee so bad I was holding myself and rocking back and forth. I tried to pee just a little bit so it wouldn't hurt so bad, but it was hard to atop and I peed too much and got the seat a little wet. It didnt really help though and I ended up completely peeing myself and soaking the seat and my shorts. I wasnt too embarassed though because I have a small bladder and have accidents all the time.
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I'm gonna have that image in my mind all night now - WOW !! - awesome post !! - love it - xx

Its so embarrassing when it happens. I did it last year when my dad refused to stop the car for me to do a wee.

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Nice !!

Very sexy. You should add me. I'm from Virginia. Hopefully you are somewhere close