The First Change

Changes started with my dad...
I have been a daddy's girl since forever. I love my dad so much. I realize now I started seeing little signs here and far back as when I was going to school that something was off. I am thirty now. Over three years ago my dad had some sort of relationship with a close friend of my families daughter! She was thirteen or under at the time. I have troubles blaming my dad fully because the girl wasn't one hundred percent innocent. And with a mother like hers how could she be! Regardless I am VERY pissed at my dad hes the ******* adult and don't know how to deal with my emotions. No, not everyone can run to talk to a Therapist. Actually I tried and it was waaaay to much to handle. Well, The time my dad has been locked up is soon coming to an end, and I am worried but telling myself not to worry because I think something like this would have happened sooner or later in my parents life-time. I've had to take care of things while my dad has been gone, which is so hard because he has always been on top of everything and I'm not. My mom doesn't drive and has anxiety and issues with too many people, so Ive had to drive her most of the time in the beginning, and help with the house and things. I even stopped life on my own and moved home with my family to help because my dad asked me to. Which has been a HUGE issue in itself because my mom said 'she can take care of herself'...then five minutes later asks 'can you take me to the store'. So one of the problems I have is this family was so close to us! Saw them almost every weekend! OH NOT TO MENTION MY GODPARENTS! My dad and the girl's grandpa went to war together! So their families live in the same town. I see them all them time, AND EVEN THOUGH I NEVER DID ANYTHING. I feel shunned! It's like are families are split in two and they can't talk to us. It's all just so horrible! I feel so uncomfortable all because my dad had to be stupid!!!!
MidnightThinker81 MidnightThinker81
26-30, F
May 18, 2012