Looking For Amnesiacs Or Relatives Of Amnesiacs For Interview

Hi everyone,
I'm a student writing an article about amnesia. If you, a close friend, or a relative has suffered any form of amnesia and you would not mind sitting down for a little while to talk about your experiences, please message me. Thanks for your time!
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5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I'm sure your report is finished. If you're looking for more people to interview, you can find me at my website: www.hollywinter.com. There are stories about my two amnesias and links to my books, "Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias."

Hi my name is Ernie, I have total amnesia ever since accident in 97. I don't mind sharing my story with you. You can reach me at 248-979-7553

I'm sure that by now you've written your paper. I hope it turned out well

If you're still interviewing people I don't mind answering any questions you might have. I had dissociative amnesia.

anybody?? hellloo?