When I was 16, I was dating a 21 year old guy who lived down the street. Pretty soon we were drinking often, and he becomes physically and verbally abusive. One month, my period was late and i had never been pregnant before, so it wasnt until about 8 weeks in when I took a pregnancy test. I couldnt understand why the extra line was not diappearing. In the following week my boyfriend decided to leave and not tell anyone. I was still in high school, and when my boyfriend retuned I was nearly 4 and a half months pregnant. We scheduled the abortion, but was not willing to pay fo it so my mom paid for it and the day of the appointment comes and he doesnt show up. We rescheduled and this time he came and we got into a fist fight in the parking lot, and once inside he was saying the cruelest, most awful things. When I was finally done, he made me sit in his car while went in and bought some tires. We argued all the way home, i went to my house and took a nap for a few hours till I had to go to work.

And number 2.. I was about to turn 21 when my boyfriend at the time came over very intoxicared. He kept trying to have sex with me so I finally let him, i was expecting my the very next day. My period never came and never came, and I took a pregnancy test that came up positive. I told my boyfriend who was a complete ***, but agreed to pay for the abortion. I had it done on July 10, 2 days after my birthday. He never called or anything to see how I was doing, so I called him and said the most awful, hurtful things that came to my mind. I never talked to him after that.

I saved 2 kids from a life with a horrible father, and I have borderline personality disorder and I cannot handle the hormones and I cannot get off my meds. So everything in hindsight was the best I couldve done, even though it was overwhelmingly hard when it happened. Thats my story!
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This story definitely brings back memories of mine .I've had 2 also . I think that we both did the right thing . xoxox

I hope that all of the comments on your story are kind ones. I am hugging you. I have never had an abortion personally but it cannot be an easy choice and it cannot be easy to have shared your experiences here, you have courage. I noticed that you and I must share the same birthday, July 8th? I am twice your age though. Bless you and may you always feel loved and have someone dear in your life that is always there for you and that loves you deeply. Bright Blessings for a future filled with kindness and care.

Thank you so much! I did a lot of therapy for it, and moved past those experienes. Thats so fun we have the same birthday. Anything you identify with as a cancer?

I fall pretty predictably right smack in the middle of every Cancerian chart I've ever read. :D I bet you do too. Blessings!

Such a caring and wisely stated comment hillbillycrone just what this lovely lady needed to hear!