I Know What You're Going Through.....

I had my first ectopic in 2000 while serving in the military. I didn't even know I was pregnant so it was a shock to find out the way I did. I remember bleeding for a few weeks and that really concerned me so I went to the emergency room and found out I was pregnant. After the doctor found out I had been bleeding for a few weeks he did a referral for me to get a D&C because he wrote it up as a miscarriage. So I had the D&C done (easy procedure) and everything was fine-so I thought. Two days later I received a phone call from the doctors office telling me that I needed to come back in as soon as possible because my lab work was still positive. I went back in and the Doc did an ultrasound. This is when he realized that the baby was in my left tube. I had to go straight to the hospital for emergency surgery, and my left tube was removed. The doc said he would try to save it but it was damaged to bad. Afterwards, I remember feeling confused and alone because I had never heard of an ectopic pregnancy before. So I moved on in life, and I cried alot-especially on the day I had the surgery. It was easy for me to move on because I had a 5 year old son at the time but I always wondered about my baby. So for years I wanted another baby and it never happened so I gave up. In 2009, I started gaining alot of weight and I knew something was wrong. I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. My mind was telling me that everything was normal, but deep down inside I knew something was wrong. I guess I didn't want to except the fact that it could be another ectopic. Well it was and once again I had to go back in for emergency surgery. I lost most of my right tube, and I kept bleeding so it took the doc longer to perform the surgery. He told me the only option for me now is IVF. I will never get IVF, but I'm blessed to have one child in my life. So for those of you that are still trying, please don't give up. Pray and ask the Lord to open your womb to carry your baby. For those of you that's married, thank God for having a husband that supports you. My boyfriend left me after I couldn't give him a baby and he knew about my situation. So stay strong and keep the Faith! God bless
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Thank you for sharing your story! I am really encouraged by it. I too had two ectopic pregnancies. Both times I did not know I was even pregnant. The first time I had it I had never heard of an ectopic pregnancy. I am thankful to God that before both ectopics I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who is two years old now! I am also lucky to hVe a supportive husband who has been understanding and comforting! I would still love to have another child but because I had both tubes removed the doctors told me the only way is through Ivf. I have faith that God will give me another child whether it's through adoption or fostering! I encouge all women who ate going through this situation to be strong and have faith that they would one day be a mother whether it's through giving birth to one or being a mother to a child who does not have anyone to take care of them! Xxx