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I have had 5 ectopics, I know not how it feels to be a mother.Very frustrating, age 28yrs.Story below
1st ectpic was 08 and had a surgery
2nd had a laparasopy
3rd went on its own
4th laparascopt and lost  one tube
5th micarried on its own
I am here and wondering what to do while other people got not problem at all in conceiving, self esteem is just down.Anyone with similar story and got to carry baby in thew right place would be of mush hope to me
God bless all
beaubeauty43 beaubeauty43 26-30 2 Responses Sep 15, 2010

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I had a ectoptic pregnancy in 1982, I think I actually had twins miscarriage with one, and ectoptic with the other. They did emergency surgery and removed my tube and ovary on the one side. I had always had problems getting pregnant. Took five years for my son. The ectoptic was two years after that. I really think I must have always had problems on that side, and I got pregnant about a month after the surgery, and carried to term. I didn't understand if your pregnancies involved both sides or one. I was worried they said it may be harder with just one ovary, but for me it was easier. Wishing you good luck! Wanting a baby is very emotional..

im very sorry to hear you have had 5 ectopics that to be honest scares me because iv had one only 4 weeks ago and im terrified it will happen again.. i dont have kids and was told that i couldnt have kids and then i became pregnant but it was in the tube.. i had the laparoscopy and am still recovering.. you are a very strong woman because i dont think i could experience 5 ectopics.. only recently i found out my boyfriends mother had 2 ectopics and went on to have my boyfriend and his sister and 2 brothers and my grandmother had 2 aswell then miscarried but went on to have 4 more children so there is hope and thats what im clinging onto.. have you not been told by doctors why you have had so many or is there anything you can do ?? its a terrible thing to go through.. try keep ur head up.. :)