It All Started On April 25th At 1:30am

April 11th i took 5 home pregnancy tests all were positive my boyfriend and i were so very excited, i went to the doctor that day to get a forsure that i was pregnant and i wasnt just getting false positives but i was Definetly pregnant! the doctor had decided that i was most likely only 1.5 weeks pregnat as i had not missed my period yet ( which i found very strange) we have had two very healthy pregnancies that resulted in our two healthy little boys so having the attitude of "nothing bad happens to me" we began telling our kids and our family and friends...I booked a dating ultrasound for April 26th to get a positive due date as we werent entirely sure how far along i was....but then a few weeks later on April 25th at 1;30am i woke up suddenly to horrific pains in my stomach so i ran to the bathroom in hopes that i just had the stomach flu but i began havung hot flashes and shaking so i got dressed and walked downstairs as i didnt want to wake my boyfriend or kids up as i walked downstairs i fainted it was then that i decided i needed to get to the emergency room ASAP so i drove myself i could barely walk but i did the nurse gets me all checked in and was sure i was fine and just had to "have a bowel movement" eventhough i was very clear that i am pregnant the nurse and another doctor tried to convince me that really there was not any evidence of that eventhough i had seen my doctor and had blood work after laying there in excrusiating pain for what felt like an eternity (most likely only half an hour) the nurse finally came in and gave me a morphine shot for the pain and just walked out...but it didnt work the pain was pretty muvh hitting me like contractions but the doctor finally comes in and days "well i guess i can check your cervix but im not gonna find anything at 3 weeks pregnant" ( thats what we were assuming i was as we hadnt done the ultrasound) so he checks me cervix and i scream cause the pain is so intense...he pulls his glove off and says "if i cant even get in there to check you than i cant tell you whats wrong" so the nurse gives me another morphine shot cause i still honestly feel like im dying...i asked the doctor if we could do an ultrasound to see if the baby is okay or whats going on he replied with "No at 3 weeks pregnant we wont see anything" this whole time he has done nothing for me not even blood work to get my HCG count which would have told him for sure how far along i was... so they leave me until about 6;30 am laying on a stretcher with no blanket or anything and didnt even come to check on me FINALLY its shift change new doctors and nurses come on and right away a nurse and doctor come in and start getting things rolling there was a blood lab lady there like 20 mins later to do blood work and a nurse hooked me uo to an IV to get fluids into me and started giving me Morphine through my IV the new doctor on call came in and said that he got my blood work back and that i was not actually 3 weeks pregnant infact i was 4.5 months pregnant and that we needed to do an ultrasound right away (finally i was getting answers) so i finally get the ultrasound and they right away wheel me back to my room and a doctor was there within seconds and says "i have bad news your having an ectopic pregnancy and will need surgery immidiately but we cant do it here you will need to go to Dawson" (which is an hour away) all i could do was cry i was crushed as i already love(d) my baby so much "so they said an ambulance is on its way" at this point i could barely move my stomach no longer hurt but my ribs and shoulder were hurting intensely they said it was cause of my internal bleeding and that my tube had burst.... so i arrive to dawson for my surger..i was so high from all the morphine they had pumped into me that i couldnt even talk and could barely open my eyes... i remember my whole family being there and assuring me that everything would be okay but none of that seemed to matter cause i was so heartbroken that i felt i would never be the same so at 6pm they finally get me in for what was supposed to be a half hour surgery...but it took 2 hours cause they accidentally hit a blood clot and i was bleeding ALOT..they also had to take my right tube as that was the tube that the baby was growing inside of and was the one that burst so they finally get the bleeding to stop and take me to the recovery room where they wake me up and say that they had some issues and i lost about 2 litres of blood and that they wanted to monitor me for the next few days to see if i needed a the days go by and they were still keeping me pretty doped up as i had quite the incision finally after 3 days they cut back on the morphine and decided to give me the transfusion as my blood pressure was low and my CBC kept coming back extremely low.... after the transfusion i physically felt alot better...they released me the next here i am on May 11th feeling physically alot better emotionally not so much...i hoping this gets better everyone keeps saying that "god took my baby for a reason" but that doesnt seem to help...i find talking about my experience helps sometimes but other days i cant even think about it..

thanks for reading xo
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I had an ectopic pregnancy recently too (April 26 to be exact)... I wasn't ready for a baby then but thinking about it now, I'm not so sure. I don't have much of a support system other than my boyfriend.. my mom thinks I'm being "overly dramatic" about this whole thing and that I "need to get over it".. But I don't know how I feel - I'm just kinda numb. I'm really sorry for your loss though. I'm sure that you'll have more children in your future if that's what you want. Glad to have someone to relate to.