Self Dissolving Ectopic Pregnancy.


So wed sept 5th i found out i was pregnant (approx 3 weeks).. thursday i had severe pain in my left side and was sent to emerge . after a few hours and some test i was told its just an infection in the uterus was given a needle .. and kept for observations. in the morning the brown discharged was next to nothing. Was sent for ultrasound external followed by internal. after a 6 hour wait i was told they found something outside the uterus and since my Hcg levels where low that its probably a self absorbing tubal pregnancy was sent home and to go for tests on monday.

Now im home and im still in severe pain.. feels like my preggers symptoms have been amplified also now have back pain and direhha.. has anyone else experienced a self dissolving ectopic pregnancy .. Is this normal?
tlarabee87 tlarabee87
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

How are you feeling now? Are you still in intense pain?