Fear Of Additional Ectopics...

Hello everyone,

I had my first and only pregnancy exactly a year ago and it was an ectopic. I started to bleed and cramp but according to my Dr. It was not uncommon. As I continued to bleed and have pain the Dr did an u/s and more bloodwork and after a trip to the Er confirmed my ectopic. They gave me one methotrexate aka burning lava shot while I was there. A week later I got bloodwork which indicated that the shot didnt work. They gave me a second lava hot methotrexate shot. That too did not decrease my hcg enough so I had to have my ectopic surgically removed. I lost a month of my life to pain and misery.

Cut to Oct. 31st of this year. I find pregnant again. What should be a time of happiness has turned into terror. I keep thinking of how terrible it was last year and how my odds for another ectopic are increased. I am having some pain on the same side as my ectopic was but have no bleeding. I have to wait 5 days until my next scan which will make me at 5 weeks. I am terrified. I don't want to go through that again... The pain, the emptiness of waiting in a sonogram waiting room with couples who are watching their healthy babied grow; while I watch the progression of the death of mine. The sadness in other peoples eyes for you.

Has anyone out there had healthy babies after an ectopic? Any ladies who have had multiple ectopics have any advice on coping? Thanks in advance.
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Worst hurt ever! I have only had one ectopic but it was the most hurtful time of my life physically and emotionally! Mine was on nov. 11th..... And I'm just now thinking of trying again but I'm sooooo scared! I know I'm late on your post but I'd love to know if your pregnancy was viable!

Hi abombolo, I had my scan and it is not an ectopic! Keep hope. The wait is agony, but try not to assume the worst. Listen to your body and get help if you need it. Otherwise there is a chance that you are pregnant with a viable pregnancy. Keep busy until your scan. Hang in there. Hope for the best.

Take care and please update with how you are doing... I will be thinking of you.


I am in the same boat. I took a test yesterday which turned out positive. My surgery to remove my right tube was three months ago. I am terrified as I think its a bit soon. I still have to wait two weeks before my scan and I am driving myself crazy.