2 Ectopic Pregnancies

Hi ...I have had two ectopic pregnancies. The first one was about a year and half ago and I had no signs of being pregnant. I had a feeling I might be but took a couple of home pregnancy tests at home for them to come out negative. I had a blood test to reveal it being positive. About 7 weeks into it I had horrible pain on my left side. After seeing a couple of doctors and two visits to the ER, I ended up having a ruptured tube and the pain was unbearable. Just Wednesday evening, the day before Thanksgiving, my husband and I went into the doctors office to have our first ultrasound. This time the pregnancy came out positive at home and at the doctors office. We were so excited and could not wait to share the news. I had all the pregnancy symptoms and was looking forward to a baby. Sadly in our ultrasound the doctor could not find the baby and we were and still are heartbroken. We could not believe it. Another doctor came in to find the baby and the heartbeat in my right tube. The most heartbreaking part of this is having, seeing, and hearing the heartbeat. Thanksgiving morning, my husband and I went in to get the shot to terminate the pregnancy. We were so devastated. I am so upset and cannot believe this happened again. I was so sure that maybe last time it was a fluke. I am finding myself having really hard days. Feeling not understood by family and friends due to not knowing anyone else who has had an ectopic pregnancy. Right now I am in a lot of pain as I am waiting for my cycle to start and try and get my body back to somewhat normal.
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Hello I can relate so well I had my first eptopic in feb 2013 and then another dec 2013 I just keep asking myself why me I am hurt sad angry depressed I don't even know

I know exactly how you feel!! I have also had two ectopic pregnancies!! My second one was 7 months ago and it was also the most devastating experience for me. I have no Fallopian tubes and can only get pregnant through invetro. It has taken months for me to recover and like you I heard the heartbeat! I am working real hard to get my mind, spirit, and body all back together! One step at a time!!

Im sorry for your loss, i had same experience about 4 years ago and still trying to conceive but failed after 2 IVF's and i'm African woman can you imagine my position "culturally''

Sorry for your loss. I am still healing (body and mind) from my second ectopic pregnancy. We also had to choose to get the shot to terminate the pregnancy. I know how hard it is, when you just want something so bad. Keep hoping!

Hi Clydenoah,

So sorry to hear your story. Had my right tube removed three months ago only to discover I am pregnant again. Dreading my appointment with the doctor. Hopefully, everything is fine.

Thank you for your response. I will hope and pray that everything will go great for you. :)