It was almost 2 years ago when i had my ectopic pregnancy, i was 20 years old and almost 6weeks pregnant. I still havent been able to get pregnant since. They removed 1 tube. After so long, this is still such a struggle for me.. Everyday. Nobody that i know has ever had one. I guess i just need someone in my life that understands.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

It is heartbreaking. I have just endured my second ectopic pregnancy....and lost another tube. Nobody understands how different it feels to a miscarriage which I have also had. Surgery is often very sudden, out of our control, and we just have to deal with waking up no longer pregnant. My head tells me I had no choice, I would die if I didn't have surgery, the baby wouldn't survive.... But it didn't help. I still feel like my body failed my baby, that somehow I could have made it better....the head and heart just don't agree.... Plus the pain of surgery. Hormonal changes. It's not great and I completely know what you are going through. We just have to take it one day at a time, try and listen to the reasoning and try to believe that everything happens for a reason....even if we can't comprehend that reason at the moment.

My thoughts go out to you and your family.