I Have Had Three Ectopic Pregnancies...

and both tubes are gone now.  The first time it happened on the right side and they repaired the tube.  The second time it happened on the right side and the tube ruptured.  The third time I was pregnant with twins.  Baby #1 was in my uterus, but did not have a heartbeat (I was miscarrying).  Baby #2 had a heartbeat and was in my (now ruptured) tube.  They had to remove my left tube, I was 29 years old.  My advice to anyone is not to let an ectopic or suspected ectopic go-these pregnancies need to be removed immediately.

If my doctors had listened to me and looked more closely at the ultrasound, they would have found baby#2 and known that I had a pregnancy in my tube maybe before it had ruptured.  If that were the case I would maybe have been able to save that tube (not the pregnancy) and would still be capable of getting pregnant (naturally) today.

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I'm sorry for you loss, ectopics are horrible, not just the physical side of things, but the emotional side too. I had my first ectopic when I was just 16 (young I know) which wasn't planned (actually none of them have been planned), as a result, they took my right tube. Almost 3 years later, found out I was pregnant again, another ectopic, only one night feeling like I needed to go to the toilet, when nothing happened. I found out I was bleeding, went straight to the ER, where i went in for emergency surgery the next morning, was in hospital for a week after that, they hadn't taken my whole tube and pregnancy was in the "stump". 3rd ectopic got picked up on really early, as no pain, but bleeding, my mum asked them to try and save my left tube, because the ectopic had been picked up early, I was able to have the injection. 4th time pregnant, no pain, but bleeding. Went straight to the ER but had to wait until morning, when I got admitted after having U/S. They couldn't see any pregnancy, so they told me that it was either a failed ectopic and had removed it self, or a miscarriage. Last night I found out I was pregnant again. After my track record for the past 8 years, I don't have high hopes at all, where as the few people that know do. Just started spotting, but not like previous times where I bled, but I have a feeling it's going to be the same thing, going to wait and see what my partner says when he gets home from work and see if I should go up the to ER, which I think is the best idea. Fingers crossed, don't think I can go trough this all again. I hate it when people ask me when I'm going to have kids because my reply is that I don't want them, truth is, I do want them, so badly. I'm hoping this time it all works out, but I'm not getting my hopes up. For everyone that has been through all this same kind of stuff, my heart goes out to you. Just remember the positives, just because you can't conceive naturally, doesn't mean that you can't at all. Xxx

I have had 3 ectopic pregnancies in a row and now I think I'm pregnant. My first ectopic started as a normal pregnancy, I got my BP at 4 days past AF. This was in July. The next day I started bleeding. That same night I was in excruciating pain, so unbearable, so I went to the ER. They were able to see my HTC was dropping, so they gave me methotrexate as a precaution and sent me home. This was in my left tube. A month later I had surgery to remove cycsts. A year later almost to the T. I was pregnant. This time 8 weeks no AF, no bleeding. Everything seemed fine. Then one night at work, I was rushed to the ER because I was having horrible pain, and almost passed out. This again was in my left tube. I had blood in my abdomen, but they didn't do surgery (which this was not where my doctor was, he said I should have had surgery). Again, I had methotrexate. 2 years later, I miss my period in oct. 3 days later, I begin to bleed. This time I think I had a miscarriage. So I continue on with life. 2 weeks later, I still notice pregnancy symptoms so I take a test...still BFP. So now I'm confused. I go to my doctor and he confirms I'm pregnant. I continue to get blood work...hCG is doubling...get ultrasound....nothing. After 2 ultrasounds when I should be almost 10 weeks, my doctor says it time to have surgery....it was in my left tube, I was already bleeding internally, and the tube had ruptured. My doctor remove the tube. So now I have 1 tube, and 2 ovaries. I'm now 3 days late. Which I'm never LATE, unless I'm PG. I have tested but BFN. Now I'm worried I am PG in the right tube. Trying not to lose my mind.

i have also lost my both tubes, the first was left ectopic, the second right so both tubes were remove through surgery so i had to try ivf and it resulted to left cornual ectopic pregnancy and i had to undergo a third surgery. so confused about what step to take next.

I have had two Ectopic pregnancies - My right tube was removed with my first and the second was a Cornular Ectopic. I am just starting to try to fall pregnant again after a 6 month break. I am feeling really scared and nervous that it will happen again. I really need to hear some success stories. Please share if you have any??

I too suffered from a cornual pregnancy in 2011- I almost lost my life. Thankfully both if my tubes were saved, but it's been 3 years and we are still childless. Like you, I don't know what to do...

i have had two eptopics pregnancies but between them had a miscarriage still not pregnant after 5 months so am worried so now just ordered the duofertility ovulation test incase and see if i am still ovulating with only having one tube which is damaged after second eptopic really wish ,e and my parterner can have baby as worried incase he leaves me after four years

I had my first son (who is now 2) unexpectantly and with absolutely no complications. I have now had 2 ectopic pregnancies in the past 5 months (I actually go for the shot to resolve the 2nd this afternoon.) I am fortunate that both have been on my right side and the shot worked to resolve the first ectopic so I am hopeful it will do the same with my current one. I am hoping my left side is ok, but my OB said he is going to complete testing on my to see why this is happening and if there is anything to avoid future ectopics. I feel for all of you as it is such a disappointing and scary experience. It is just so emotionally and mentally draining and I am scared to even try again because I'm not sure if I can handle this disappointment again. I am so lucky with my son and to have such great support with my friends and family but I still feel alone sometimes. I really did feel better reading everyone's experiences and maybe I will feel better once I can find out more what is going on with my body. I am just having a particularly low day so thanks for letting me vent :)

Girls don't give up I have 2 boys and was trying for my third child, I end up having 2 ectopics in both tubes. The first ectopic I had my right tube removed. After my second ectopic I had a hsg and my only tube was open. So I decided to do yoga and get more healthy working out 3 times a week. I am now pregnant again and my bean is in the right place. So you can have a healthy pregnacy after ectopics

which one is yoga please

Hello ladies, I have read all of ur stories & more.And for some reason I knew I wasn't alone but I'm still scared ... Sept 17,2012 my first time ever being pregnant and I'm 27 years of age. I didn't think I could have kids because it just never happened till this year. Even whn I was told that I was pregnant I still didn't believe it. So they did a blood test which came back with my hcg levels at 6000 :'( too high since I figured I couldn't be more then 2 weeks. No I was 7 weeks and didn't know it. I had had an period and cramps and all the first month so more of a reason to think that I wasn't. But I was ! I had to undergo a laproscopic surgery which caused me to loose the baby and my right tube all at once . It was so hard and the pain I can't explain. To which iv never had surgery a stitch or anything of this nature so it was even harder ... Since then iv been down and out at first not having the thought of a baby and now I'm wanting one so bad .. I now just have 1 tube the left 1 still and during my surgery my doctor blocked it so no bad tissue or infection can get to it while I'm healing .. Not a day passes by without me hopeing and praying that I can conceive children, me at 27 and my spouse at 33 we both want kids so badly but I'm so scared ... I'm scared of going through this again and disappointing the both of us .. January the 4th 2013 I'm scheduled to have my left tube unblocked so I can take the next steps to try and conceive but like I said I'm really scared ... I don't want to go through this again but I don't want to miss a chance.. I'm scared of having my left tube taken and then not being able to at all ... Someone please help or share ur advice, other then my spouse I feel so alone especially whn he truly doesnt understand ... Ps, so sorry to hear all of the stories that iv read and I pray that we all get through this and come out stronger then ever..

I am not alone......Hello Ladies my Heart an Hugs goes out to all of you.I know some will say I don't belong on here an I should be thankful and move on. But the truth is I am a mother to three loving children. I am 35 an had my children very very early my last one was at 21. So here is my story I met a really nice guy when I was 23 he has no children. We tried an tried then it happen I was pregnant. but like so many of you my baby was in my tube an I was 6 weeks. No discuss any other alternatives with me about saving my right tube. I was rushed to surgery an that was it my baby and tube was gone. We tired for 5 years after that nothing. One day his heart changed an he left me because I couldn't give him a child. So I figured its OK God will send me someone else who will love me and my children. And at 31 he did a really good man who I am going to marry next year. He has one child and I so wanted to give him another one. Funny thing is I got pregnant an didn't even know until I was 5 weeks pregnant. Then the pain came in my right side my shoulder started hurting I was spotting too. I ignored it because I didn't want it to be true not another ectopic baby??? Two days late I saw my doctor again told her my problems. She sent me to get a sonogram done and like a great red ball of fire there was my baby in my left tube. I cried my eyes out because I was living this nightmare over again. I got the shot and was told we can try again in 2 months. That was back in Feb nothing has happen for us yet. But I am so worried I would love to be a mother again an give my soon to be husband a beautiful child. But the truth is I dont think it will happen my chances of a 3rd ectopic is very high. I try to remain positive an keep my head up and have faith. For all of you ladies please do the same and remain strong.

Hi Faith35, I understand the heartbreak of having two ectopic pregnancies. I just had another one a couple of days ago. I was and am so devastated. I could not believe it happened again. The baby was healthy and we heard and saw the heartbeat. It makes me wonder if anyone does have any good successful pregnancies after ectopic. I am trying to remain strong and have faith but it is hard when my heart is broken. I was really hoping this one would be it.

I don't know how to start this but here it goes, i have had two ectopic pregnancies, lost my right tube with the 1st pregnancy, the 2nd time around I was able to get the shot! And thank god for that, but because of my ectopics I have changed so much, I left my loving husband for another man because I felt so bad for not being able to give him a child! All I ever wanted was to be was a mother, I now feel less of a woman because "WHAT WOMAN CANT HAVE A BABY" sad Ik, I've tired to get my mind off of it, by going to college, working a lot of hours, but nothing helps! Im only 25, I don't know how to deal with all this pain, heartbreak! All my friends are now mothers I'm so jealous of them! I hate women who have children! Like y cant that be me? I would be a good mother, I used to mother my dogs like if they where my children! But that just doesn't work any more! I was so mad at god for this for the longest time, but I try to let it goi just don't even know what to say about it! It's so sad and depressing every day! That's all I think about is "when is my turn" going to come around! Ik I got one more tube left so maybe I have one more shot, but I'm so scared to even try! Any pain I get I start thinking omg its a ectopic pregnancy! I'm just so lost right now with all the pain I feel

Wow, I feel for all of you, but I am sooo thankful that I found this site. It makes me feel somewhat comforted that I am not alone! So far I've had two ectopic pregnancies. The first one was in October 2007 when I was just 19. My right tube ruptured which left me with a one healthy tube. After almost 4 years of not trying; we decided to try in May. Well, needless to say I got pregnant in a flash! Five days later I started spotting with pains in my left side. I was diagnosed with another ectopic. This time, they caught it early and gave me a dose of methotrexate on July 18, 2012. I'm currently playing the waiting game.. My levels are still up and I am waiting to know whether it worked or not. I am sooo worried that I may need to do another surgery. I really don't want to lose my left tube! It is driving me insane because even though I'm 24; I really want to have a family. I wish I can say that my partner has been supportive.. But he's not. I feel so alone at all times. We've lived together for over 5 years and now I don't have him. So I'm dealing with everything all at once and I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Anyway, sorry for all the venting. I just really really hope that I can still get pregnant naturally. This is killing me! & in a way, I feel like my partner of 5 years left because of the difficulty in getting pregnant and that's just killing me even more! :(

Hi all, this thread has been helpful to read through as I've also had a similar experience. I am just recovering from my 3rd ectopic pregnancy. The 1st ectopic was on my left side and caused my tube to rupture and i had to have surgery to have it removed. With the 2nd I felt pain early on in my right side and after scans as my hcg levels weren't rising appropriately, i had a methotrexate injection and my tube was saved. I spoke to the docs and they recommended starting ivf which I did. After a miscarriage I managed to get pregnant with the 2nd cycle but again my levels weren't rising normally. I had a scan after my levels were over 2000 and I was still holding out some hope but it turned out that the uterus was empty and the dr saw something in my tube and some blood in my pelvis so it was definitely another ectopic pregnancy. I had to be admitted into the hospital and then ended up in emergency surgery as the bleeding got worse and my right tube had to be removed. I now have no tubes and am contemplating have another round of ivf which we will have to fund ourselves. This has been such a hard journey and my heart goes out to anyone having to go through this. My partner has been great throughout and I am trying to stay positive which hasn't been easy but I'm determined. Women are so strong when they need to be and this board only goes to prove that.

7 years ago i had my 1st ectopic pregnancy causing me to lose my right tube at just the age of 22, 3 years later i had another which was just out of my womb, so 2 years later i went in for ivf, i was so excited as they managed to inplant 2 embryos, but sadly my body rejected them both. i was so upset by this time and started to give up thinking maybe it's just not ,meant to be!! 2 years on which brings me to now, i found out i was pregnant! i couldnt believe my luck after giving up i thought it would never happen again, im now 29 and im 6 weeks on the 1 may 2012, although i feel fine the doctors sent me for an early scan because of my past, they told me thats they couldnt see the sac, so for the past week iv been having my bloods checked every 48 hours, although my hcg levels are raising there not doubling, and i now have a slight twinge on my left side near by the only tube i have left, i also have a slight spotting of brown discharge. Im so scared this might be happening again!!! the doctors think that i am which makes it's worse, im going for a scan tomorrow to see if they can see the babies sac and because of the way i feel i just know there is'nt one :(, i feel like im just sat around waiting for my baby to die and there's nothing i can do about it. if this does happen again im not sure i can put myself or my body through this again!! Good luck to all those who's been through a simalier thing take care x

I hv had 5 ectopic pregnancies and both of my tubes removed. I have 1 son so im am thankful for him. I thank all of you as your stories gave me strength and courage to move on also i always felt alone in this experience but i now know i am not alone. God Bless

Hi everyone! Wow I really am not alone in this dreadful journey. My heart goes out to everyone, I wish I could reach through cyberspace for a big hug. I am now 33, trying to have a baby for 2 and half years, and it has been the most miserable and sad journey for us. I have lost my bubbly personality, my energy and happiness. And the journey is not over yet, I feel like we have to start all over again.. After a year of trying we finally nailed it with a positive pregnancy test in sept 2010. After 6 week, spotting so went to GP who did bloods which appeared all fine and on track, but was told to book an early ultrasound. U/S showed no interuterine pregnancy with levels above 3000 hcg. As it was weekend the U/s people refered me to ED. ED confirmed no interuterine pregnancy but very small chance my dates were wrong... We had bloods and u/s every 3 days til 8 weeks when the doctor said to me 'pregnancy works like clock-work' and this wasnt working. They suspected ectopic but at 8 weeks two small empty sacs appeared, they did a D&C. As it took so long to fall we went for fertility treatment and started on clomid. Fell pregnant on first cycle. Low hcg and low progesterone..but 'everything may still be fine'. Blood test and early U/S showed no interuterine pregnancy. To early to detect anything so more bloods a few days later showed suspected ectopic on right tube. Laproscopic removal of ectopic from right tube-saved the tube. 9 months of trying, tracking, ov induction, IUI we fell pregnant again, this time was on our own again. At 5 weeks started to spot, hcg low and progesterone low, U/S showed no interuterine pregnancy, with inflammed right tube...nightmare repeating itself. Fertility clinic kept telling me the spotting and dull right sided ache was normal as my levels were fine, although low progesterone. I was worried so called the health direct hotline who told me I was at extreme risk of second ectopic and to make my was to ED. Laprascopic removal of right tube with pregnancy. Fed up we decided to pursue IVF. Started IVF drugs in Feb 2012, the cycle was a long down regulated cycle. 8 eggs retrieved, 5 embryos, 1 transferred. Positive pregnancy test 30th march. My prayers had been answered!! Although the hcg was very minimal at 25 and progesterone low at 40. The clinic upped my progesterone pessaries. I got to 5 weeks and had some spotting and pain on the right side. Pain worsened but I thought, impossible I didn't have a right tube anymore so couldn't be another ectopic. Called clinic and they said my levels are fine & I probably was just constipated. Pain worsened so I took myself to ED. Bloods were all fine and consistant with 5 weeks. U/S showed no interuterine pregnancy, and fluid (blood) in pelvis. The IVF pregnancy migrated out to the 'stump' of the right tube and implanted to the end of the stump, the tube had opened and the bleeding was spilling out into the pelvis. Apparently very lucky I made my way into ED. They removed the pregnancy and the rest of the 'stump'. So my experience is that IVF wasn't the answer... For me anyway. I have to wait 2 months before trying again. I am pertrifued of this all happening again and am really losing the plot. I don't know how to find the energy to get over this hurdle and wait 2 months before trying again, only to have more disappointment. <br />
<br />
My heart goes out to anyone having to go through this nightmare. Oxx

I am so so sorry about your ordeal. :(

Reading the above I am freaking out. I found out recently I was pregnant (we had only been trying for 3 mths) so I was so excited. However I started getting a pain in my side and really bad pressure in my back passage so decided to go to dr's. I was 4 weeks pregnant. Dr sent me for internal ultrasound and was told at this time that I was going to miscarry. Devastated to say the least, spent the next week waiting for it to happen (no heavy bleeding just a few clots). Went back to work after a week and started feeling really shaky, called dr who suggested I come in. He did an internal and felt that I should go to hos to rule out ectopic. Dr's there decided that I had an ectopic pregnancy, another ultrasound showed something outside my tubes but could not confirm if it was the pregnancy. It was decided that I needed surgery to remove this and possibly my tube. I wake up from surgery to be told that my heart had stopped beating on the table and CPR had to be performed. The good news they did not remove my tube!! The bad news they had no idea where the pregnancy was. So an unsighted ectopic pregnancy. I was sent home and told needed regular blood tests to check my hcg levels going down and if not would need the injection!!! Fast forward another 5 days and pain and bleeding, straight back to hospital. Levels still not decreasing! made to give injection, presc<x>ription given for the pill cos now I can't try for 3 mths! And a 15% chance next one will be the same. What a shocking 6 weeks. I really feel for you all who had multiple ectopics. One is hard enough!! Scared angry and just really P'd off!!!! Thanks for letting me share!! Good luck and take care. MJG

Although my story doesn't have a happy ending Its very refreshing to read other stories. I often feel very alone and think no one understands my journey or pain... I had two ectopic pregnancies, a failed IVF & underwent a myomectomy surgery in a 24 month period - 2007-2009. I'm 40 years old an I don't have the financial resources to do IVF again. My husband isn't interested in adoption so I feel completely hopeless. I'm trying to accept my fate, but its so difficult. Everyone around me has kids so what's a girl to do... I'm tired of throwing and attending baby showers & pretending to be excited evertyime I get a guess what I'm pregnant call. I know eventually God will reveal his plan for my life and in the meantime I continue to pray for strength and understanding. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with infertility. Good luck!

Hi everyone I know how u all feel had my first ectopic pregnancy in June 2008 collapsed at home and was found by my 1yr old, they removed my left tube, six weeks later fell pregnant with my 2nd child who is now nearly 3. However fell pregnant last yr feb was told it was an ectopic had the injection. Did a pregnancy test on the 6th feb 2012 confirmed pregnancy however 10th feb 2012 confirmed it was another ectopic pregnancy making it my 3rd had my last tube removed. Feel so sad knowing that I have lost both of my tubes, the only thing keeping me going is my boys. <br />
I never wish this heartache upon anyone x

wow im just lost with so many women go through this so i know I'm not alone, i have a daughter now 13 yrs natural no problems... in 2001 i had an ectopic pregnancy on my right tube, then 2002 an miscarriage and 2003 a second ectopic on my left tube. I feel sad to know my husband had to go through this but excepts my daughter as his own, raised her since she was 2yrs claims her as his and loves her the same, but it me that feels bad that the ectopic/miscarriage babies were his.... None of my tube were removed only cut and was told my only option would be InVitro but i don't have that kind of money to do it, well now 2012 its been 2 months without a period....Kind of scared but not sure yet if its possible to get pregnant after 9yrs being told i could never conceive , so I'm lost.... I haven't seen a doctor but i know i should in case I am, I just keep holding it off just to have faith and hope for a miracle all i want is one baby for my husband to experience the joyful of it. Maybe I'm being selfish but i pray and most likely it ain't good... It's so hard to deal with this

I am sorry for you ladies many years ago I had 2 ectopic pregnacys that both ruptured.but I was lucky because before all this I had a child when I was sixteen.

Wow,<br />
I'm so sorry to read all of these posts. I feel your pain! It's been a hard 8 months for my husband and I. <br />
I'm 35 years old and he is 38. We found out we were pregnant for the first time in July 2011. So excited. Started to bleed a little and called the doctor and she said to go to the closest ER. This hospital is very small and actually doesn't even deliver babies there so they don't really have an oncall OB. They did my bloodwork and other tests. HCG was 3000. They told me I had a miscarriage and to repeat my bloodwork in 2 days. So I did, the levels went up to 6000 something. Doctor said go back in 2days. HCG was now 10,000 something. They decided I had a miscarriage of one baby and still pregnant with one just too early to see it. So I had to wait 3 weeks until ultra sound. Well I had one day of bad pain and constipation for a while. Figured it was gas etc... 2 weeks go by from the last hcg count and I spotted. Call doc she said to to another hospital and she was ordering ultrasound. Get there and they discover nothing. my counts were 45,000 ish! Sha said I was around 8 1/2 -9 weeks. Still pregnant but can't find it. OB schedules surgery and tells us it's an ectopic and that she will remove the baby and save my tube. Not the case. I wake up in ICU, come to find out the 2 weeks prior I had actually ruptured. I had been bleeding internally for 2 weeks, the constipation was my body shutting down. They couldn't understand how I was still walking. They told my husband I had less then 12 hours left to live. I ended up losing the right tube and baby. spent 4 days in hospital and went home for 7 more with a catheter since there was so much blood loss and "dead blood" I needed assistance going to the bathroom.<br />
I finally wrap my head around what had happened and the doc said after 2 months we could try again because of my age. <br />
So we found out we were pregnant Nov 6th 2011. November 13th comes along and "BAMMMM" horrible stabbing pain. I knew it may not be gas this time and knew I had constipation for a few days. Now when we found out this time the doc from the 1st ectopic didn't seem worried and hadn't seen me yet. So I called her hotline and they tell me to go to the closest ER, which was back to the 1st ohospital. Get there, they confirm I ruptured again. They call my doc at the other hospital and they all decide there is too much risk to transport me so they call a new doc in and she operates. Now I lose my right ovary and baby.<br />
So, it's been hard and we were told my chances of a 3rd ectopic are really high so we got referred to look into IVF. Met with IVF docs Monday. They said I actually dont have an infertility problem and they would want to do IUI,I can do that at home with my husband :) How can I not get IVF? URGHHH, we are still looking and our insurance is maybe covering a part of it. Had my HSG today and the left tube that remains is good. We don't know if we should do IVF or try on our own. The right tube and ovary are gone. I know I have one good side now but they said we still have a high chance for a 3rd. I'm still an emotional mess and worn down. Does anyone has any suggestions on the chances for a 3rd ectopic after having 2 so close and what to do? Do we try naturally?

Omg! Your story really touch me you have been thru alot and I wish you luck with everything.

I had my first ectopic feb 2011, sadly am experiencing my second now! I am only 4weeks 6 days but have already had two hcg blood test and levels are not doubling, Im spotting and had an ultrasound yesterday but my levels are only 810, so too low to be able to see anything. Im sad for my partner as I already have a six year old daughter from a previous relationship,(who he loves just like he would his own) and she was my miracle baby as I had dye put through my tubes and was told 8years ago that I couldnt concieve naturally. After my last ectopic we ask the dr what now? We were told to try again... And here we are again... Its devestating and I cried reading everybody else stories on here.( A good thing, as I cried for myself aswell, something I VERY rarely allow myself to do!)<br />
All the best wishes to you all!

I had my first ectopic feb 2011, sadly am experiencing my second now! I am only 4weeks 6 days but have already had two hcg blood test and levels are not doubling, Im spotting and had an ultrasound yesterday but my levels are only 810, so too low to be able to see anything. Im sad for my partner as I already have a six year old daughter from a previous relationship,(who he loves just like he would his own) and she was my miracle baby as I had dye put through my tubes and was told 8years ago that I couldnt concieve naturally. After my last ectopic we ask the dr what now? We were told to try again... And here we are again... Its devestating and I cried reading everybody else stories on here.( A good thing, as I cried for myself aswell, something I VERY rarely allow myself to do!)<br />
All the best wishes to you all!

I had my first ectopic feb 2011, sadly am experiencing my second now! I am only 4weeks 6 days but have already had two hcg blood test and levels are not doubling, Im spotting and had an ultrasound yesterday but my levels are only 810, so too low to be able to see anything. Im sad for my partner as I already have a six year old daughter from a previous relationship,(who he loves just like he would his own) and she was my miracle baby as I had dye put through my tubes and was told 8years ago that I couldnt concieve naturally. After my last ectopic we ask the dr what now? We were told to try again... And here we are again... Its devestating and I cried reading everybody else stories on here.( A good thing, as I cried for myself aswell, something I VERY rarely allow myself to do!)<br />
All the best wishes to you all!

I am sorry to hear about your situation - i am feel your pain bc i have gone to two ectopic pregnancies myself and currently my partner and i are planning again - as my doctor indicated to try again and if it did not work out then that we can look into other methods. I still have my tubes and all my organs are fine...doc could not say why this was happening to me bc there is nothing he can see that is wrong with my tubes...i guess is my luck and i pray to God to bless me with healthy children - i hope that our our 3rd try things will be ok. Stay positive on your end and i hope soon you'll be able to bring another healthy child into your family.

im in the same boat as all of u.multiple ectooic.how horrible.but with all ur stories, i gain my courage.thank u..

I feel comfort in everyones story's. I have also had 3 ectopic pregnancies. My first was June of 2010, I had just come back from my honeymoon and when I went in for my 12 week ultrasound found out it was ectopic. They were able to save my right tube. I then had another ectopic in sept of 2010 but this time they said they would recommend removing my right tube so this would not happen again. In nov 2010 I had my left tube flushed and was told I was good to try again. Then in sept 2011 found out I was pregnant again. With knowing everything we did an ultrasound at 61/2 weeks(on my 29th birthday) only to find out I had another ectopic, I was then taken to the hospital for removal of my left tube. I never new how strong I could be until I had to be. It has been a hard road. I will be starting IVF in February, enough time for my body to heal and to get my body in the best shape it can be. Today I have had a hard day and days like this makes it hard and I feel alone, so it is good to here everyones story's. Don't give up and stay strong lady's. We all deserve to be moms one day.

So sorry to hear. How's the IVF? Were you successful? I hope you are!

I am so sorry about your ectopic pregnancys I had two both roptured leaving me close to death both times.horrible pain

Hi I have read threw all your stories and I know exactly what you are all goin threw I'm 25 years of age and iv had 3 ectopic pregnancies, my first was in the left tube and it was treated with mehatrexate and saved my tube the second was in my right tube an the surgeon said he was going to remove my tube, whilst in the operating theatre the Docter checked my left before removing my right tube and found that my left tube was blocked so instead of removing my right tube he just removed the pregnancy. Me and my partner decided we wanted to try for a baby as we don't have any children so they gave me clomid tabs to help, I took these for 3 month an they never worked so they refered me threw for ivf, to my supprise I found out this Friday I'm pregnant without any treatment!!! But then found out that it's another ectopic pregnancy in my left tube AGAIN! I had the injection again today to remove it an now iv been told if I want to continue with ivf then I need to have both tubes removed as the fertilised egg can still find its way into the tube when having ivf! I'm 25 years of age an never drempt of this happening to me I would not wish on anyone an my heart goes out to everyone who has been threw this! X

I am so glad I stumbled on these articles and comments. I have always felt so alone and didn't know of anyone who has had multiple etopic pregnancies. I lost my right tube a year ago due to an etopic pregnancy, and had another etopic pregnancy in April. Luckely the docter was able to save my left tube the second time. We have been trying to fall pregnant ever since. It is so hard!!! Good luck to all of the ladies who are trying to conceive after such terrible loss. xoxoxo

I am 26 and just last week I was hospitalized with an ectopic pregnancy. This would have been my first baby. I was actually about 3 months and the tube burst. I myself became very ill and had to have two surgey's they took my right tube and overy. While in the hospital it didnt really hit me about the baby. Once I got home it's all I can think about. I cry all the time. I know I am still able to have a normal pregnancy, my doctor said I just need to talk with him and really plan it so we can keep an eye on it from the beginning. My fiance as been amazing through it all and I dont know how I would get through this without him. I just don't know how to get through losing my baby. I never thought I would have to go through this. Reading all your stories really help. Its nice to know I am not alone because I don't know anyone who has been through this that I can talk to. My family is very supportive It just feels like they dont completly understand where I am coming from

Hi. We are all together in these tragic events. I have just today had an injection of Methotrexate to disolve my 2nd ectopic. I had my first ectopic in April 2006, right tube ruptured and removed. I have since had two boys to my left tube and both were healthy and my pregnancy was wonderful. I found out I was pregnant about 5 weeks ago and my hormone levels were rising but slowly. I basically had waited in the Emergency Department every 2nd day for 8 days to have blood test to test my HCG. If I left it to the doctors to direct me I honestly think the outcome would have been different. Anyway during the 8-days I had 4 blood tests and 2 ultrasounds and the pregnancy was positive, still rising slowly but in an unknown location. Finally today the nurses and I agreed that my symptoms were characterist of an ectopic, my uterus was completely empty in the scans, so I received a shot of methotrexate. I was told not to fall pregnant for 6 months as the drug can cause abnormalities in pregnancies which occur within 6 months of receiving the drug, specifically spinabifida. I am relieved in a way that I have managed to save my left tube incase we decide to try again later on this year. However I am also aware that my tube will have scar tissue now which puts me into a 25% chance of having another ectopic. It's an awful experience which people aren't really aware of unless you are unfortunate enough to have had one previously. I am wishing everyone who has experienced an ectopic the best for the future and may all your dreams come true.

Hi we have been trying for a baby and when I found out I was pregnant Aug 2010 I was stoked but my HCG levels were very low but slowly climbing, after a month and a half they gave me an injection to disolve the pregnancy it was unsighted I was devistated and was told I could ntry for 3 months that was the hardest. When I missed my period in Jan 2011 I couldnt believe it as I didnt miss last time so I though it was right this time and then 2 days before my ultrasound I bleed. I had cramp and passed clots I thought this was a miscarriage , now after seeing so many DR's they are still unsure that it is not an eptopic that may have fallen out of my tube and miscarried my HCG levels are decreasing but im still in limbo and emotionally stuffed. I just want to know why this is happening is there something wrong with my tubes , I dont know what is happening.<br />
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I hope you read this...but i have gone through the same problem for the past few months...i had gone through two eptopic pregnancies and was givine the injection twice...i am so worry about what would happen next. I really hope that all is well on your end.. and maybe you have good news. thx for your posting - i mean this posting have help me ease my pain...thx you all!

My heart goes out to all who have lost. I gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2007 after some small infertility treatment with laparoscopy. In Oct 2008 I experienced an ectopic where they cut, but left the right tube. In March of 2010 we went through a failed cycle of IVF. at that point, we worked though emotionally of understanding that a 2nd child would not be possible. <br />
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On 01/27/11 we found out that we were miraculously pregnant naturally. Three weeks later, I am sitting here grieving for the loss of another child. The right tube reconnected and caused a 2nd ectopic. The recovery has been worse both mentally and physically. I feel beaten down. Although this was unexpected, the child was much wanted an loved. Now we grieve for what might have been.

My heart goes out to all of you. You are not alone. I had 3 eptopics, 1st one on right ruptured emergency surgery, 2nd one on left major rupture causing emergency surgery and almost my death. the 3rd was different, since both my tubes were ruptured there was nothing left of them but "stubs" as my doctor reffered to them, there was no way to repair since they were too short. Therefore the 3rd eptopic was on the outside of my overies, apparently the egg came out the end of the "stub" was fertilized and attached to the outside of my overies. I did not feel the pain and i wanted to let nature take its course thinking some way this could work, the Dr's advise me this would not work and they gave me meds to spontaniously abort. :( I am now 42 have no children and my period just stopped (3 months ago) and i dont know why (no menapause symptoms). It is now finial, final, final I will never bear any children of my own. And I think I am approaching menapause.

Reading all your experiences has made me realise that I am not alone. I had an ectopic pregnancy in april 2007 and had my left tube removed. I have blessed with a child in sept 2007 and gave birth to my son in june 2008. Just two days ago 9/10/10 I went through another surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy in which my right tube was also removed. My doctor has suggested I wait till jan 2011 to go through IVF. Looks like that is the only option left for me. Well don't know what the future has in store for me. I hope things workout!<br />
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i see most of these are stories are a coulple yrs ago...i this is the site i stumbled upon...so...<br />
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i am so sorry to everyone who has walked these horriable steps. i had an ectopic in 2002 and lost my tube. it was living hell and the pain was so great. after that i gave birth to a beautiful little boy who is now 5. i became pregnant 6 weeks ago and yesturday rushed to the doc and before you knew it was in the operating room with my second ectopic on my right side. they repaired the tube..but they said my scare tissue is going to cause another ectopic if i get pregnant again. we are def. looking into IVF. if anyone has had experiance with in vitro i would love to hear their storys

I read your stories and my heart goes out to all the women that had experienced ectopic pregnancies. I had know idea what it was until it happened to me.<br />
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I was pregnant with twins, the unfortunate one was in my tube and the other in my uterus. I had to terminate the one in my tube as it ruptured and the tube couldn't be saved<br />
I lost so much of blood and therefore had to have a blood transfusion, this was a near dead experience, which I cannot never forget.<br />
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The baby in the uterus survived, he is 5 years old now. What a miracle? After my son, I had 4 more ectopics, thank God my remaining tube was saved as it was detected early. I tried getting pregnant again but still no luck. I believe God has his reasons for allowing things like this to happen and one day you too will experience your miracle.<br />
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Good Luck and God Bless

i am sorry to hear you have had both tubes removed i have had 1 tube removed so i partly understand your situation have you looked into ivf hope things work out for you

Sometimes I felt that it was not meant to be, but in the middle of it all, I had one perfect child. I am still capable of having others through IVF. My advice, not that you asked, is not to let infertility consume your life. Which I know is easier said than done; I have had a total of 9 pregnancies and only one live birth. There were years of my life when a baby consumed me, but I felt it was important not to become bitter or jealous of those around me. Years pass, time still exists, don't forget that we as women are worth more than just carrying children. We are fully capable of having mother's hearts with or without giving birth; whether by adoption, stepparenting, or mentoring. If there is a dream in our hearts to be in the life of a child, then we should make that happen in a way that we are able to control. Sometimes carrying a child is not as easy for some of us as it is for others.

Most people who are able to have children normally without any problem could never know the pain that having a ectopic pregnancy is,Both mentaly and phisicaly It still bothers me to this day when i have been trying to have another child and did not get pregnant yuet I have been trying for 7 years. Does anyone think that it was just not ment to be?

Most people who are able to have children normally without any problem could never know the pain that having a ectopic pregnancy is,Both mentaly and phisicaly It still bothers me to this day when i have been trying to have another child and did not get pregnant yuet I have been trying for 7 years. Does anyone think that it was just not ment to be?

hi, i also am after having my third ectopic pregnacy. the first was in my right tube which was repaired but they removed my left tube due to a cyst. the second in my right tube also repaired and the third in my right tube. my third ectopic was very serious as my tube burst and i had to have a blood transfussion. i now am left with no tubes and am waiting to go for ivf treatment this year.

YOu are a very STRONG woman, both mentally and physically for enduring this! I don't know if I could handle facing it once, much less 3 times! And the ruptures! People need to understand by the time it reaches this point, the woman is at a struggle for her OWN physical life!! Even with modern technology, there are some things the medical field doesn't like to see or have to face, and this is one of them. I admire your strength and courage! And thank you for sharing this with us! And blessings to your successful physicians!