When I Had My Ectopic...

I was 21 years old, and was with a long term boyfriend at the time.
We used multiple protections, and somehow I still managed to get pregnant.
I had no idea that i was until i started to eat exactly two portions of everything i ate ..,
and even then i just thought i was on my period, but little did i know .. I was simply already hemorrhaging.
Then i had a dream or at least i thought it was a dream,.. i was quite lucid and not really sleeping yet, all I  heard was a little boy's voice and it said " Mommy?" and then it said "I love you mommy."
That woke me right up..
The next day i got a test. It came out positive.. I went to get an ultrasound because they said it was 12 weeks along, and thats when they found the embryo wasn't where it was supposed to be. It had gotten lodged in my left tube and if i didn't have emergency surgery I would die. The tube was to damaged to save, so it was removed.
That little boy's voice haunts me to this day. I would have had him if i could have..I really would like to go back to that hospital and thank those doctors that saved my life, I just fear it will bring back to many terrible memories..Just talking about it is a heartache.

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What did you feel when you discovered that something was out of the normal? Was it sudden pains? I'm almost 11 weeks, and I'm having these excruicating pains in the lower part of my amdomen and it hits me very sudden. The only blood I have saw was in my stool, nothing came out but this mucus like red stuff. Im at the beach and my doctor is not around. I'm scared and dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

I would say go to the Doctor immediately when you are pregnant, no pain should be ignored, because something may be wrong, seeing blood is not a good thing, and those sudden pains are not normal pay close attention to your body you may be in danger, and the baby too. Go straight to the hospital!

I know how you feel. My sister's two girls told them they both had dreams that I was having twins one boy and one girl. I had to have my left tube removed because of an ectopic pregnancy. I feel that I was pregnant with twins. My husband and I named them. It still very heard on me since my surgery was Jan. 5th 2011, but finding this site and the other one are helping me to be able to move forward and know I'm not alone in this there are others who have been here.

I had my left tube and ovary taken out 3 days ago...Dr kept sending me home and kept telling me that I had a miscarriage and I just needed to accept it. I got a 2nd opinion and they found that it was in my fallopian tube and had immediate surgery. I dreamt about my little girl looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I know what you're going through.

The same also happended to me and I've never spoken to any one much about it as it hurts to much. How did u get through it? Sam x

Thanks for you kind words and understanding ..it really does mean allot..<br />
<br />

Thanks for your kind words and understanding ..it really does mean allot..<br />
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I like that story. <br />
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Our first pregnancy ended as a miscarriage. I don't remember if it was befor she knew she was pregnant or after but she had a dream about a little girl. <br />
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The miscarriage was very difficult for my wife. We quickly became pregnant again with a little girl which really helped my wife get over the miscarriage.