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I once got an errection on the Metro North train going into NYC. I was with my girlfriend and I put her hand on it to let her know. It fellt good to have her rub it through my pants. We were in the back most seat of the car though some of the seats on the other end of the car faced the other way. I got so hot I was squirming in the seat and she wanted to stop but I begged her to keep her hand on me. Eventually, she pulled me out of my pants, popping her head up to make sue the conductor or anyone else was not coming. She started ******* me harder and faster until my legs tensed up and when they did I could see over the seats at all the peoples heads.  I was nervous but also very aroused and didn't want her to stop.  I didn't think I could relax enough on the train like that but she started going even faster and harder.  I knew she wanted me to *** and that turned me on even more.  I nearly groaned out loud when I shot all over my pants and her hand. Both our hearts were beating like jackhammers. I later found out she told all her friends about it.
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Yes, a truly amazing story. I'm guessing it's recent, and could be repeated in some way...<br />
<br />
And, BonnieBelle, that i a very hot Avatar you have, girl!!

I was young young young when this happened. I was probably barely 20.

That's so erotic, more power to you and your gf. How long ago this episode occurred.

I don't think so but that was a concern afterward!

Wow - nice story - did anyone notice the **** stains on your pants?


She was a wild and fun girlfreind.

nice.........train story :) lol