What Guy Hasn't

I have had it happen on several occasions especially when I was a teenager. Nothing I could do about it. The most embarrassing was the first time. I was lying on the beach after a swim in just some shorts I threw on and was perving on some girls when it happened and I didn't realise it but the girls did and where laughing. Took me awhile to work out what they were laughing about the I realised it was sticking out of my shorts.
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I'm lubed up ready to get freaky

No not in those days they weren't. They would be now, compared to the broadshorts of today. I'm not well hung or have big balls but yes they would pop out on occassions. It was and still is reasonably common to see the occasional accident.<br />
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I remember a friend years ago who was well hung rowing a boat and out it popped. I just about died laughing when I saw the look on on of the guy's girlfriends face who was directly facing him so got a real show.

You must wear very short shorts.

Yeah it's not uncommon to see and really is just a natural hazard for guys.Got to just accept it may happen if your a guy. It can be a bit uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as it looks.

I have seen that too... usually at the beach. It looks... uncomfortable!

You know when you are getting hard but sometimes you are just unaware that it is sticking out of your shorts. Hasn't happened to me often usually it is one of my testicles that pops out. I am pleased to say it doesn't just happen to me. I have seen other guys with one of their testicles sticking out of their shorts.

I've seen this and it really is funny (usually, unless there are lots of children around). But seriously, men, can't you FEEL that this has happened? How can this be such a surprise????