I had an experience that I could not explain.

One time, I accidentally dropped my soap on the floor and it found its way on the metal drainer in the bathroom. I picked it up, lathered it and placed it in my plastic soap dish. Okay, so far, nothing out of the ordinary.

The minute however that I tried to pick it up again, I instantly had to let the soap fall back on the soap dish. I felt like the soap has just sourced electricity to me. In short, it felt like my hand was electricuted. I touched it again, there it was again, the feeling of electricity. It however felt tolerable and managed to grab it anyway and soap my body. While holding the soap, I used a dipper to pour water over me and immediately, I felt grounded. I shrieked and kept muttering "Oh my God" while grabbing my towel to get out of the bathroom as fast as I can. My peers think I've gone mad. Electric soap?

This went on a few days. Why would I use the same soap again? Well, I figured it was static electricity and I thought it would wear off after maybe one or two days. When after the fifth day, it seemed like it's not going away, I changed my soap.

I let a housemate touch the soap while both her hand and the soap are wet, and nothing happened.

Nothing happens to me when either my hand or the soap was dry. And yes, I am very certain that the sensation was that of electricity. This has been maybe two months ago and I have never experienced it again.

I really want to know the explanation.

Static electricity? Nerve damage? Psychological? What?
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I have no clue what could have caused that !