Text Message From Beyond The Grave

Last night I just had an IMPOSSIBLE thing happen to me.

My boyfriend, Paul, has been dead for 12 days now. Yesterday I had a terrible day, I got into a huge fight with my mother and I was brooding, upset, angry and depressed for most of the day. I was just ruminating about how much my parents judge me and how much I hate having to live in their house at my age. I've been keeping touch with Paul's sister, Sara, through email ever since Paul died on September 4th, 2012.

I went to take my phone off the charger and go to bed, and I see I have a new text FROM PAUL'S PHONE. Sara, who lives in Paul's house, has been out of town this entire weekend visiting friends, trying to pick herself up. The message was sent at 8:30pm and it said:


I emailed Sara as soon as I got it asking her if she sent me a message from Paul's phone, to be serious, because I just got a text from him an hour ago. She said no, she left his phone at the empty house, didn't bring it with her out of town. She freaked out and even had someone go over to the house to check and see if anyone was there. Nobody was. The doors were locked and the house was dark.

So, yeah, I can't really explain that... But I'm glad it happened to me and I hope things like this keep happening. I miss him and love him so much. I know he is looking out for me FOR SURE now. Incredible.
sunnykvlv sunnykvlv
26-30, F
Sep 16, 2012