A Very Intense Halucination

Before I begin:

I had both a visual and auditory halucination due to an extreme period of sleep deprivation. It was roughly a 92hr period of time without sleep, which was coupled with dehydration. I was a sleep walker when I was younger, and I have had only auditory hallcinations due to lack of sleep prior to this. I have carefully assessed the situation, and I do not believe that I suffer from any type of mental disorder. My heart goes out to those who suffer from these types of situations on a regular basis. It lasted roughtly 12 hours. It was potentionally life threatening.

I had arrived at an airport waiting to catch a flight. I had about a 24 hour period of time to wait before the flight was scheduled to arrive. I had previously had extreme difficulty sleeping, and had been in a string of very unfamiliar places in the days previous. I am not exactly certain as to when reality blured. The first thing that happened was that I no longer believed that I was at an airport. I was under the impression that I had somehow started an argument with a woman at the airport (which I didn't) I began wandering what seemed to be a transit center, (not an airport) in an effort to avoid her. During the course of my time wandering I did not have visual halucination, but auditory. I believed the woman was playing music over the PA system which discredited, something to do with a former job, and that she was gathering groups of people in order to arrest me. I even sent a complaint to the department of justice for slander against me. It is at this point where the entire structure of the airport (or "complex as it will be reffered) changed. The complex was full of people, I was trying to think of a way to avoid arrest from the falsified allagations this woman was making. It was at this point I believed (I may have fallen asleep breifly) that I was brought into a room and "tried" for my crimes. I very well could have been speaking with someone, but I do not know where, or what I was really doing at this time. After a long list of "crimes" I was accused of commiting (none of which I have ever thought of doing) I beleived I was going to be sent to jail for a very long time (possibly life). It was at this point I was informed that my family had come to see me, but were waiting in another room. After the inital shock of this situation was over, I was informed that this whole process was part of a mental rehabilitation system (which was what the complex was). I had in fact, been summoned by my family to participate in this program, in exchange that the crimes be dropped. I was placed into a certain type of program, and was informed to wait in the main greeting area for my family where we were to spend one night together, before I embarked on my journey. It was at this point that I believed there were a series of large performances, going on in the complex, and that somewhere my family was waiting for me. I began to panic and search frantically for them. I never found them. The entire time this was going on, I believed that there was an intercom speaker playing various different types of information. At one point, I could hear my fathers voice. It was then I realized, they thought I did not want to participate in the program, and had returned to the USA (I was in Asia). They had given up. Panic began to continue. It was at this point I was informed I could still stay with the program. I walked around for maybe an hour. During this period people began to appear in the crowds, as what seemed like staff of the program. Other members of the program had left for the evening to do assigned work. The complex was still very crowded however. I then heard a voice over the intercom again that sounded like my father. He was furious, not at me but the instituition, and was ranting about "selling his sons life away to an institution which fosters a group mentality, and that I should be an individual." It was at this point I breifly left the airport. I felt I did not want to be part of this institution, and so I tried to take a taxi back into the city. I only made it a very breif way, because airport taxis only go to the hotels nearby. I began to walk in a field which was by a small area with food and hotels. It was at this point I thought people from the complex were planted around this area to watch me. I heard people shouting at me, I thought I was being followed. I went into a bar to try and call a cab away from the whole area. It did not work. I believed I was stuck in this area, and in the general reach of the institution. I was submitted to this program. I returned to the complex, which had taken an entirely different appearance (I was falling deeper into the hallucination). I was greeted by the orginal woman would accused me of crime, who was really the head of the program. This time she was speaking to me telepathically. She was explaining that they were creating a group of students between 15-25 who were highly trained in different roles for society. We then proceeded to take a tour of the complex, which included rooms, an engineering dept., a sports complex, a large open room, and various areas for activities. I felt as if I was being assesed. I also now had the ability of telepathy for some reason. Many people seemed to be students and faculty. Their was a distinct higherarchy between all of the students. I was then in formed that there was very serious, competitive competition between each member of the social groups. The were divided into physical athlete, computer sci, engineering, acting, spirtualism, etc. Teachers were also spitting sometype of gelatinus material at me when I did not have proper thoughts. It was an acid which ate away hairs on your head. At this point all of the new cadets were placed in a large room and given beds. General instructions were given I met several faculty and students. It was always a serious social competition, and I was informed telepathically to cut down as many students as possible when I met them.The idea that I could not escape, and that this was a very serious program set in completely. It was then lights out. I was still in the large room. It was then during sleep that the woman came to me telepathically and told me about the fact this was a international organization, which was training people to dominate the world. I was develop skills, and follow my program verbatim. There was then a series of 'line practice' things to say in certain social situations. It was at this point a large white curtain formed between rows of inviduals. After the lines, there were mantras implanted into all of the cadets brains to repeat and engrain. At this point I noticed a large, white machine arm very slowly moving between the rows of white sheets. It looked like a medical device.

Warning: This is where things become intese.

I then realized what this machine was. It was a machine that was designed to quietly elimate students who were not fit for the program. The long arm would move in front of one a large saw blade would come out. It would slice the students into four seperate pieces, picking up each piece on at a time. It would then liquify the student, and suck them up. There was no noise but the chanting, of the mantra, the saw, and the sucking. I could hear medical staff behind the curtiains arranging the goo in bags for disposal. I felt blood drip on my head once. At this point I realized my life was at stake and focused on the mantra, of protecting gov't secrets, and fofill my role. After the mantra, I was then assigned my position in the group. To be what was a new class of person who was a charmer. Someone who was a master of charisma. Unfortunately later, (still chanting) they decided to put me in the hacker group of computer science. I was do fofill a required task each day, for 10 hours a day. If I did not, was not well adjusted, or failed to assimilate, I would be liquified or tortured. I believed at this point I was put under ansestic and my eyes and hands were changed to better fit my position. The next morning I woke up to an empty room with no one around. I was disoriented. I was trying to find my way around the complex looking for ways to complete my task. At this point I realized they had decided to kill me. I stopped recieving telepathic signals. I was going to try to escape. I was in a room with two young children. One of thier friends was liquified the night before. They also knew they were doomed. They pointed up, the celing was collapsing. I ran. I wasn't going to make it. I had one chance to jump over a rail to escap, I took the leap.

In the real world I was actually running too. I did also jump down what was 12 ft drop onto a marble floor breaking my heel and my arm. 

At this point I was in great pain, eventually went into shock.I was screaming. People came in to try and speak to me in a foreign language. I still thought they were part of the organziation and that my life was at stake. I was eventually brought to a hospital, given medication. I thought they were mutilating bodies at this hospital, and eventually I would be killed also. I dreamt several more dreams, that were borderline halucinations. I had a friend come to help me make sense of what was going on. Eventually the hallucination faded away. I got a hotel room and slept for 8 hours. I could have been killed had I fallen incorrectly. I have not had any type of event happen sense. It was as if though I was having a real time horrific nightmare that I did not know wasn't real. It still effects me. Always triy to get proper sleep.

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that's pretty amazing... it sounds like you had a waking dream (where your brain experiences a dream while you are still vaguely conscious of the real world) just because you were so tired, and then you began to sleepwalk... i dunno