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A few years ago, during middle school, I was walking to my math class, as I usually did. (One quick thing, I hadn't been on any drugs of any kind. I have ADHD but no diagnosis for why i had this hallucination). So I didn't really realize it at first but as I was walking, it started to feel like I was walking 5 times faster than everyone around me. Also, in my head, i could hear myself in my thoughts  narrating everything I did in a very optimistic and "You can do it" attitude . Also, I had been hearing a person who I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I do remember it was in a condescending and undermining tone. By the time I reached my class, I started to hear the song 'Institutionalized' by The Suicidal Tendencies, along with a high pitched ringing sound, similar to that of an old TV turning on. When the teacher handed out the quiz, my voice in my head narrated not only what I read, but what I thought. Unlike other people that have had hallucinations, I never once lost touch with reality, and if anything, became more aware of everything. I was thinking faster and more methodically than I've ever in my life; It was like my brain was overclocking and becoming more efficient. I would later find out that I aced the quiz, and I've had a number of similar hallucinations since, all at different times of the day, with varying amounts of stress, which i think is the cause of my hallucinations.
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

thats kinda scary, on the upside it makes you smarter somehow, hmmm, kinda cool! except for the other unpleasent stuff.

I wonder whay the cause was....