This Is Gonna Sound Weird - Lol If You Must

a few times the other day I felt the presence of something in my room... I could have sworn I could see the beginnings of an image of a hand moving near me kind of waving and I was not afraid.  it felt like a ghost or like Tutankhamen a mummy something rather Egyptian.   Maybe it was just me with my anticipation of going to this mummy museum thing and it made me look up some mummy stuff the other night of the red hair mummies.

I think I am just over tied ... as I do not sleep great,  but it did feel real ... anyway I woke up the other night something stirred me and in my dream a voice was saying to me "you are not as safe when you only have a one eye watching you or looking out for you" ... I kept repeating it in my head over and over trying to understand it... it had something to do with a ghost and other dimensions. 

anyway my cat came in ... he wanted to keep me company and I was grateful.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

wow, thats scary!, i hope things get better for you.