I woke up tonight, and saw a girl from my class sitting on the CD-shelf over my bed. She was looking down on me, with a camera in front of me. As if I were something spectacular, something unbelievably disgusting, that needs to be photographed a thousand times, and I was just horrified by that.

I closed my eyes than. I knew that it was just in my head, but at the same time, I was really scared that she wouldn't be gone when I open them again, yet I was also thinking "What if she isn't just in my head? What is she doing right now then?". So I somehow managed to open my eyes again, and thankfully.. she was gone.

Wikipedia says that pseudo-hallucinations (this means that you're aware that it's just a hallucination and not real), is caused by extreme fatigue.

Yes, I did have problems with insomnia lately, but not that bad. Just waking up a couple of times during night, but I had it much worse about two weeks ago, so I wonder where this comes from, and hope that tonight is more pleasant.

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Feb 9, 2009