When I Was 6


I still remember that night.  I went to bed and I do not remember if I slept for a time or not but I opened my eyes and someone was close to the door and beside a wall so all that I could see was a leg covered in white translucent cloth.  I called my dad I could not move I was so afraid.  In the end, my dad had to sleep with me in a way that his back blocked the view to the door.  32 years ago and is still fresh in my mind. 
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Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear that happened to you. I had a pretty normal childhood especially by the time the hallucination happen. I never again had one until recently.

I have had nightmares the same ones i was molested at 6 years old dont remember much just nightmares especially when i am stressed. Did something traumatic happen to you as a child?