Looking Down

When I was a toddler, I had a traumatic accident and almost died.  I had 2 surgeries, once at the time of the incident and 2 or 3 years later.  I remember watching the surgery from the corner of the operating room.  I was up high and disconnected from myself.  I was looking down, calmy watching.  There was no fear that I was watching myself on an operating room table.  I don't recall being concerned or even curious about what was happening down below.  The next thing I remember is opening my eyes, seeing masked people around and someone saying "eyes open".  The mask went back on my face and that's it.....that's all I remember.

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2 Responses Nov 18, 2008

Get this I have dreams where I dream of a place like earth but I go into great detail with the house and all the stuff in them it's like it's more real than here.I can see so much detail with the pictures,furniture and backyards..really weird because in my real life I can't see these kinds of places.It's hard to explain.

I had a out of body experience in March I had fallen asleep on the couch. I can see myself a sleep and seen everyone in the living room watching TV and then I had floated up to the attic where I seen what is there and the next thing I was like violently forced upwards I was in space I looked down at earth which is pretty good to see from space I seen space itself I continued to be violently forced upwards where I actually seen some of heaven which is so pretty to see then I was violently tossed back downwards boy did I ever wake up really quickly this is the weirdest experience I've ever happen to me.