It Caused Me To Have A Nervous Breakdown Just After Werner Suicided

werner suicided in the October of 1978 and that was bad enough

but then the night of my birthday ... we went over to Brigettes aunties house at Katamaran St Manly

it was fine for a while there at the pool party and there were some poshy hostess ladies there ... one looked a lot like Princess Diana to be honest

but as the night went on things went crazy...

it was like Alice in Wonderland ... the Mad Hatters tea party....

next thing the drunk big guy would owned the place is screaming at everyone to get out  and punched werners widow in the nose

and tipped a glass of champagne in my dads face...

he tipped up a car full of us kids in it and nearly turned it over ... we screamed and i was so afraid I vomited over my dress

and everyone hated me...

I had a social phobia of mixing with people after that for a long long long time,
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after werner died I missed a lot of school and had to repeat year 2 ... I was being sexually abused almost daily and no one would help me... I WAS TOO UGLY TO DESERVE HELP! <br />
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it was hell, being molested and abused and hit around... and having chicken pox, measles and mumps all the same year. Bill was hitting into me a lot or molesting me and I was very alone in the suffering. <br />
<br />
everyone was abusing me. <br />
<br />
I never had a proper birthday again. you can see why I am so reluctant to mix with them now.. well I mean I don't want ever again. after all the bashings, molesting, and making fun of me. everytime there is a party I either get assaulted or attacked, made fun of or ignored.